Tag Mole Removal

Tag moles are not a dangerous health condition - most of them are benign skin growths appearing in various places on the body.  While having a tag mole has been considered an aesthetic thing in some periods of time (to the point of artificial moles being falsely placed on the face at some points), there are also people who prefer to remove them.  Most of the time, the decision depends on the size and location of the mole.

Removing a tag mole, unlike most moles, can be performed by one in the privacy of your own home.  The most commonly used methods are chemical - applying certain substances on the mole, until its disappearance.

Tag Mole Removal the Natural Way


Nature and our ancestors knew a lot of solutions to conditions which we now apply pharmaceutics for.  The advantage of a natural solution is that it has a minimal chance of hurting and causing any side-effects to your body and the area surrounding the tag mole.  Apple cider vinegar is something we do not have to make ourselves, it can be found in a store and can be safely applied without fearing many uncomfortable consequences.

Normally, by applying a quantity equating to two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar on the tag mole three times a day should show results within four to five days of treatment.  The substance should be applied, using a cotton ball, by being rubbed for about five minutes.  The anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties of the apple cider vinegar should prevent any infections caused by the mole removal.  However, just in case, do pay attention to the area for a while after the procedure, to watch out for any possible issues.

Tag Mole Removal – The Pharmaceutical Way

If you do not trust Mother Nature, the pharmaceutical industry was quick to create various ways to remove tag moles - in the shape of chemical solutions placed on the tag mole.  The internet will be very efficient in discovering many of these options, however, before choosing one, try to read some of the online forums discussing the issue so that you establish which one is the best.  Pharmaceutical solutions are usually faster and more efficient than natural ones, however do read the instructions before actually applying it and watch out for side-effects.  They are usually more likely in these cases, than in the case of natural solutions.

The Safe Option for Tag Mole Removal

This may seem like the most expensive way, since mole removal can cost up to £500 in the cosmetic clinics around Britain.  While that may seem a lot for a procedure that is not a health emergency, it may be the safest option available.  Even in the case of the most natural and harmless solution, the wrong usage methods can lead to some unpleasant consequences.

A doctor, especially a dermatologist, or a doctor specialised in cosmetic issues, is someone who takes care of these kinds of procedures every day and the chance of side-effects is slim.  Even if you do not wish for surgical removal, a doctor will be able to recommend to you the best natural or pharmaceutical option - weighing out advantages and disadvantages and pointing out everything else that could happen.

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