Surgical Mole Removal

When someone decides to have a mole removed there are three main options that they can choose from.  The first option is using home mole removal methods such as garlic, honey, apple cider vinegar or castor oil.  The second option is using over the counter mole removal creams or prescription based creams.  The last and most drastic option is surgical mole removal.  There are numerous types of surgical mole removal with all varying ranges of price.  We will discuss some of these in this article.

The Dangers of Surgical Mole Removal

Surgical mole removal is one of the least risky surgeries available in the UK today.  Most operations are performed under a local anaesthetic and are over within 30 minutes.  As long as you are honest with your surgeon about any allergies that you have, the risks in surgical mole removal are minimal.  That being said it is still important that you understand the risks involved.

Excision Surgical Mole Removal

This is the most invasive method of surgical mole removal and involves cutting the mole out of your body and cutting inside to ensure that the root is removed.  This type of surgical mole removal is used particularly for cancerous moles although large obtrusive moles can also be treated in this way.  Following removal of the mole, the wound is cauterised to stop the bleeding and then it is stitched up.  It is important to keep the wound clean and dry in order to prevent infect and scarring.  Failure to do this can result in a large scar in the area where the mole once was.

Laser Surgical Mole Removal

Laser surgical mole removal is the complete opposite of the excision method in that it is the least invasive method of mole removal surgery.  This method works by burning the mole off using a laser in a precise and effective manner.  Hardly any bleeding occurs with this method of surgical mole removal due to the laser sealing off the blood vessels as it works its way over the mole.  This is usually the most expensive form of surgical mole removal but it is worth it as it is a pain free method that leaves relatively little scarring.  The only danger with this method of surgical mole removal is if the laser accidentally burns the skin, but as this is performed by a professional the chances of this happening are minimal.

Cyrotherapy Surgical Mole Removal

The last surgical mole removal method that we are going to discuss is cyrotherapy – freezing.  This method of surgical mole removal works by freezing the mole until it falls away from the body.  Cyrotherapy is usually performed on small, protruding moles and does not work very well on large, skin level moles.  There is still a chance of scarring but if you are careful enough to choose an experienced surgeon the dangers with this method of surgical mole removal are minimal.  The recovery time for this method of surgery is under two weeks.

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