Skin Tag and Mole Removal

Skin tags and moles are both unsightly and uncomfortable.  They can catch on clothes, get in the way when you are trying to shave or put on make-up and generally make you feel uncomfortable and as if everyone is looking at them.

Skin Tag and Mole Removal Products

A skin tag is normally the same colour as the skin and is just a piece of skin that hangs away from the body.  Some have very fine trunks and should be easy to remove but the ones with the larger thicker trunks will be much harder.  They can appear on the body at any age and most of the time they are completely harmless but they can look unsightly and can be embarrassing.

There are stories that some people try to remove their own skin tags at home.  They are usually scraped away if they are very small and the trunk has no real strength in it.  Another method is to use a small blade and just cut the trunk.  This is likely to bleed and will need to be carefully sterilised straight away.  For larger ones a piece of cotton is tied around the trunk and eventually the skin tag falls of.  It is not a good idea to try this and it will be much better to try the over the counter products if you cannot afford surgery.

There are three products that have a good reputation when it comes to removing skin tags.

  • Amoils Heal Skin Tag – this costs £27.  It is clearly much cheaper than surgery and does not leave scarring.  There is no pain and it is a lotion that is applied to the tags.
  • Dermisil Skin Tag Remover – this costs £30 and most reviews claim it is as good as Amoils at removing skin tags.  There is no pain and no scars here as well and when you add a 60 day money back guarantee it will be worth trying.
  • The third recommendation is not a product to remove them but is a book that is full of different types of treatment.  No More Warts, Moles and Skin Tags has been written by a 30 year sufferer and again there is a money back guarantee.

Skin Tag and Mole Removal Surgery

There are products that can be used to remove both skin tags and moles.  It is also possible to have them both removed surgically and this method will clearly be more expensive than any product you buy over the counter.  For moles the three main methods are laser, shaving or surgery.  The laser will only work on flat moles but the shaving option works well on raised moles.  The third option is cutting the mole out.  This will remove the entire mole and will need the wound to be stitched afterwards.  It is more expensive to have a mole removed and will start in the area of £300.  Skin tags will normally be frozen off and will cost around £140 for 1-3 tags and £220 for 4 and above.

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