Scarless Mole Removal

We all have moles on our bodies from the day we are born and as we reach middle age it is likely that we could have up to 40.  Most of them will be out of sight and not cause us any problems at all but some will make us very self-conscious and we will be desperate to remove them.  The home remedies are as simple as rubbing garlic or pineapple over the mole and waiting for it to drop off.  This is not an ideal method as very few moles are actually removed this way and you are more than likely going to have more of a mark or scar than you had before.

Over the counter remedies are a bit better and there is evidence that some of them have worked.  It is very likely that once the mole has come off you will be left with a mark or scar where it was.  This may just be temporary and be totally connected to the fact that you have a tan and once that fades the skin will all look the same colour.  The last option is to have the mole removed by a surgeon.  Scarless mole removal is not very likely as the skin very often has to be cut in order for the mole to be removed.  A good surgeon can make the scar small and flat, but it is unlikely that there will not be a scar at all.  It is likely that even if you do not have scarless mole removal the scar you are left with will be much less noticeable than the mole was.

Scarless Mole Removal

The nearest there will be to scar less mole removal is the surgery where the mole is shaved.  It is not totally removed but goes down flat to the skin.  As the skin is not cut there will not be a scar.  If you are concerned about having a scar as much as you were about the mole this will be the best way to try.  A flat scar will fade after time and at some stage you may be able to say that your surgery was ultimately scarless but at the beginning you will have to expect there to be a scar.  A raised one will however take more time to fade.  In some cases the scar will never totally go.

Silicone Treatment for Scar Removal

Silicone is an amazing product and does so much to minimise the scars you have.  The cream can be put on and will work its way into the scar.  A silicone sheet can stay on for hours and many people choose to sleep in these.  The treatment will normally start once the stitches have been taken out.  As the wound will be swollen at first you may look at your scar and wonder if you have done the right thing, but once you wait a few weeks and compare the two scenarios you will notice a difference.  If you are patient and give the healing process time, you will very likely have had scarless mole removal.

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