Scar from Mole Removal

Having a mole in a visible place can be very distressing and if it is on your face you will be even more conscious.  Every time someone speaks to you, you will be sure they are looking at your             mole regardless of where they are actually looking.  With some you run the risk of making things worse as some suggestions are to rub fruit juice or onions and garlic on your skin.  There is not a great deal they are likely to do to the mole but they can dry out and damage your skin leaving a rash or scar.

Surgery is an option and this is both a safe and popular method.  If the mole is not dangerous you will have to pay to have this done, but once you see your face without the mole you will be delighted.  The only downside is that there is likely to be a scar but often it will not be a deep one.  Some people have found that their scar changes shape and on occasions has got worse.  It is important not to stretch the scar as this can make it worse.

Scar from Mole Removal

As the skin will have to be cut and the mole pulled out there is bound to be a scar.  The surgeon will stitch it as well as they can but depending on the size of the mole and the size of the area they have to cut round the mole it could leave the surgeon with quite a large area to stitch together.  Hopefully there will not be an infection as this will cause even more of a scar as the area affected could increase.

Once the wound has had a chance to settle down and the stitches have been removed you will have more of an idea as to the size of the problem.  As the stitches could be in for 10 days the swelling should have also disappeared so you will know what you have to deal with.  Moisturising the skin is important but this alone will not eliminate the scar from mole removal.  The best thing to use under these circumstances is silicone.

Using Silicone for Scar from Mole Removal

Silicone comes in sheets and creams and both will be effective.  Many people find that it is more beneficial for them to use creams during the day when no one can tell what they have rubbed into their face.  It will not show and will just have the same appearance as rubbing in moisturiser.  At night you can use the sheets and can have them on for up to 12 hours.  As long as you are not going out they can go on when you get in from work and leave them until you get up the next day.

A small scar from mole removal that has been left as a result of the surgery should fade in quite a small space of time but a deep one will not disappear as quickly.  It is possible that you will always have some sort of mark in the place where the mole was but it is bound to be better than the mole itself.

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