Safe Mole Removal

If you are having any sort of medical procedure there will clearly be concerns.  It would be impossible to say that nothing will ever go wrong but there are some operations that are much less likely to cause a problem than others.  Having a mole removed can be classed as invasive surgery as in some cases the mole is cut out but it is considered to be safe.  There are plenty of other ways to remove a mole other than going to a surgeon.  For years there have been stories claiming that many different things will remove moles and some people will try them all as they may be concerned about the damage surgery can do.  There is the chance that there will be a scar after invasive surgery but even that can be dealt with in a safe and pain free way.

Safe Mole Removal Home Remedies

There have been suggestions that general food items can be used to remove a mole.  The idea is that something such as a piece of pineapple or onion can be rubbed onto the offending mole and it will disappear.  This is not very likely to happen and there is the chance that some damage could be done to the rest of the skin.  Having an acidic item rubbed on it a couple of times a day will just make the skin dry and flaky.  The idea might be that as the skin flakes off then the mole will go with it, but it will not do anything to enhance your skin in general.  You could be left with painful flaky skin that is going to cause you more problems than a mole ever would.

Safe Mole Removal Surgery

Flat moles are easy to remove with a laser and this will be the safest method of surgery as the skin will not be cut.  There could be the chance that the laser will be too hot and can burn the skin but if you speak to the surgeon to tell them they will be able to lower the level of the heat.  Even when the mole has to be cut, this type of surgery is safe as long as the instruments used are sterile.  Hospitals are suffering a bit at the moment as there are infections being caught inside the clinics rather than back home.  When you are back home keep a keen eye on the wound to make sure that there is no sign of an infection.

Risk of Infection with Safe Mole Removal

Even the safest of procedures do run the risk of some sort of problem.  If you do notice anything make sure you go right back to the doctor and they will be able to provide you with antibiotics.  If these do not work go back, as it could be a more serious infection.  While this sounds awful, it is less likely to happen with a mole removal surgery than lots of other bigger and longer operations.  The wound is only open for a short time, 10 – 15 minutes so there is less chance for an infection to take hold.

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