Private Mole Removal

When you decide to have your mole removed there are plenty of places you can go.  If you are doing it purely for vanity reasons unfortunately there will be a charge as there is not a risk to your health.  There may be some occasions when the mole may be so bad and maybe on your face that it can be claimed there can be psychological problems caused because of it.  In most cases this would have to be very serious and not just a case that you do not like having them.

Private Mole Removal

The Spire Alexander Clinic in Kent is a sample of a clinic where you can go to have the mole removed privately.  As you will be paying you will have a great deal in say as to when the procedure takes place.  You can choose the surgeon who will perform the removal and also aftercare treatment can be arranged.  If you are going to pay and can afford a good clinic it is best to use one.  When you go privately you can be sure that you will get good treatment.  The only way the top clinics can stay the top ones are by making sure that they provide a good service and keep their clients happy.  They do not want to risk getting a bad reputation so when you are looking to have private mole removal surgery you should read up as many reviews as you can.

This procedure does not require an overnight stay so there will not be the need to add accommodation to the cost.  Once you are in the clinic you will be amazed at how quickly the mole is removed and you are able to leave.  You will not be held back if there is no need but nor will you be rushed out to make room for the next patient.

Private Mole Removal Procedure

If the mole is to be cut out you will need to have the area anaesthetised.  Once you are happy that the area is totally numb the surgeon will begin to cut out the mole.  As long as it is a normal mole and does not have a particularly stubborn root the whole thing should take about 20 minutes.  Once it is totally out the area will be cleaned and stitched.  The stitches could have to stay in for up to 10 days and during this time you need to make sure that the whole area is kept clean and does not get infected.

The final trip you should have to make to the clinic will be to have the stitches taken out.  There will be a small scar but even that will fade in time.  If you apply silicone to it on a regular basis that will make sure you have a great chance of ending up completely scar free.  It will be best to put a silicone sheet on to it and sleep with it on.  No one will see it and you are giving yourself the best chance to heal.

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