Plastic Surgery Mole Removal

Once you have worked your way through the home and over the counter remedies you will probably come to the conclusion that now you will need to consider plastic surgery for mole removal.  As there will be the need to go privately if the mole is not cancerous this may be something that concerns you if you have not been through the private health care system.

Firstly you will need to meet with your surgeon and it is at this stage you will discuss and decide which process you want to undergo.  There will be the need to make sure that the mole is not cancerous and then you will have a choice of procedures.  If you opt for a strait incision and total removal of the mole there is no need to go through the testing process first as the removed mole will be sent away to be analysed.

Plastic Surgery Mole Removal by Laser

For a flat mole, there is the possibility of having it lasered away.  This will be considered a good option as there will be no need to cut into the skin and so hopefully there will not be a scar.  This option will not be available if the mole is raised as the laser will not be powerful enough to go through the growth and detach it from the skin.  When you need to undergo plastic surgery for mole removal on a mole that is not flat it will have to be an invasive procedure.  The down side to this is that there could be a scar left as a result of the wound being stitched back together but the plus side is that the entire mole will be removed, root and all.  There may be a bit of a scar left after this removal, but most fade over time and if treated with silicone it should have gone or at least be a lot paler within a matter of months.

Plastic Surgery Mole Removal by Slicing

If you do not want to have the skin breached, you can opt to have the mole sliced away.  A very sharp scalpel will gently slice away at the mole and a heated implement will cauterise the remains to prevent excessive bleeding.  This will bring the mole down to the level of the skin and there will be a small dark patch where it meets the skin but there will not be the previous problems that could have been experienced when it was raised.
There is an additional advantage of having plastic surgery for mole removal and that is the hairs that grow in the mole.  Often they are very course and much darker than any other hairs that appear on the skin.  They will be removed as well and while they may return if the mole does until then they should stay away.  There will be a cost to plastic surgery mole removal if you choose to have it because the mole is unattractive but when carried out for medical reasons it can be done on the NHS.  There could be a waiting list so you may still opt to go privately.

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