Plastic Surgery for Mole Removal

Most people do not even notice their moles on a regular basis.  It is estimated that most adults have somewhere between 15 and 40 moles and for most of them they will be no problem.  There will be some that could be seen and considered unsightly but there will also be some that can provide a health risk.  There are plenty of things you can try to get rid of them, but most will not work.  Rubbing an onion or piece of garlic on to it will not make much difference and while some of the over the counter products do have some degree of success, most people who are serious about getting rid of it will turn to plastic surgery for mole removal.

Mole Removal and Scars

The idea of undergoing what they may see as an operation will be worrying but it is a procedure that is carried out on a regular basis.  It would be wrong to say that nothing can ever go wrong with surgical removal but it is a relatively safe process and there should be little other than a small scar to remind you that you once had a mole.  Even this should fade in time if the scar is not too deep and the correct after care is taken

The main way to have the mole removed is to use heat to burn it away.  This is often the option of choice as it is not an invasive procedure.  This does not mean there is no need to do anything afterwards as you can make sure there is no scar by treating the areas with silicone.  The second type of plastic surgery for mole removal is an invasive procedure.

Invasive Plastic Surgery for Mole Removal

With plastic surgery for mole removal, the area will be anaesthetised although you will be conscious.  The mole will be cut away and the surgeon will go deeply into the flesh to make sure that it is all out.  This will include the root so there will be less chance of it coming back.  This is the form or removal you will have to undergo if there are concerns that the mole is malignant.  If you have to have this procedure on the basis that there is a risk to your health you will not have to pay as it will be necessary to keep you alive, but if it is for aesthetic reasons you will be required to pay.

Depending on the plastic surgeon chosen the price may vary.  The average appears to be around £300 for the first mole and then around £180 for each one after that.  It can be expensive but if you feel happier afterwards it will be worth it.  This does not include the consultation you may have to undergo to decide what was going to be done, but should include any after care pills you are given plus the appointment to remove any stitches you had.  If by chance you notice the mole starting to come back there is no reason why you cannot go through the procedure a second time.

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