Mole Removal UK

Most of us have somewhere between 15 and 40 moles in various places over our bodies.  For most there will not be a problem with this and they will be happy to leave them as they are.  There are occasions however when they are in a place which makes things awkward and it will make life much easier if they were removed.

Professional Mole Removal UK

If you decide to have your moles removed in the UK and want it to be done by a professional there are many places that you can choose.  Cheshire Cosmetics offer 3 different ways to have a mole removed and they are able to carry out any of them at their clinic.

  • Excision – a cut will be made around the mole and will be as deep as the doctor can go to allow them to reach the root.  This method will be used to remove small flat moles and the resulting scar will be small and flat.
  • Shave Excision – this will be used on larger raised moles that will be easy to shave.  A blade will gently cut away until the mole has been removed.  The scar will be flat to the surface of the skin.  The problem here is that the root will still be in place and there is a chance that the mole will grow back again.
  • Cautery – this is a similar process to shaving but using a different implement.  It has the same effect as the shave excision method.

There is a special sheet of instructions provided by BUPA to explain to people what will happen when they undergo mole removal in the UK.  It outlines the need to discuss things with their doctor and the choices people have when it comes to removal.  Their website has a copy on it, so anyone about to have this done can find out all they need to know.

Mole Removal UK

Companies who deal with cosmetic surgery will considerer this to fall under their remit.  Transform has set up a section where they will carry out mole removal in the UK.  The cost will vary depending on the size of the mole and also if there will be more than one mole removed.  Transform have the cost on their web site as starting from £490 for the removal of one mole.  They emphasise the size of the mole and also the condition of the skin as a factor when calculating the cost of removal.
Many national companies have set prices, but it may be worthwhile looking around for cheaper prices if you do not mind travelling.  As the procedure will be carried out in one day there will be time to travel there and back and if the saving is more than the price of travelling there and back it will be worth considering.

When considering mole removal in the UK there are plenty of options in relation to procedures and various charges to be considered.  If you are not sure which one would be best you could look up the record of the hospital and find out where it is in the table of good hospitals.

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