Mole Removal Treatments

There are a number of mole treatment products that you can get over the counter that will work to remove the moles you want to get rid of.  Some may not be a worry to you and if they can’t be seen it is often a case of out of sight out of mind.  The problem begins when the moles can be seen and you start to see more of them appear and begin to drain your confidence.  If they are on your face you feel people will stare and if they are on your back you won’t want to wear a backless dress.  Even though you realise everyone else in the room will have them, somehow yours will always seem worse.

When we get older we don’t want to have to live the horrors of our youth when we had spots and just had to get on with it, because there are plenty of mole removal treatments that we can take advantage of.  A final resort can be surgery but before you try that why not have a look at the products that are on the market – and all for £50 or under.  Assuming you don’t believe the idea that olive oil will make a mole drop off, or sour apple vinegar will make them shrivel up and die, then you will have to pay up and get a product you believe will help.

Over the Counter Mole Removal Treatments

  • Dermatend is one of the cheaper products on the market and that can be bought for around £25.  It just has to be rubbed onto the mole and left and very soon the mole will drop off.  It may not work on all moles and some very big ones may need surgery but if it removes some of them it will either restore your confidence or at least mean there will be less you have to pay to have removed.
  • Wart Mole Vanish is more expensive at around £50 but the claim here is that there only has to be one 20 minute application and the wart will fall off.  If this is the case the money will be well spent and again there will be no need to consult the doctor.
  • Moles No More is around £18 and claims to be certified and totally organic.  The only concern is that it also claims to remove melanomas and it would be best to have them tested by a doctor rather than left to an over the counter product.  As malignant melanoma is one of the most deadly forms of cancer and a doctor should always be consulted if you have any thoughts that one of your moles may be malignant.
  • H Moles mole removal treatment is another treatment that is made from plants and just needs a couple of drops three times a day put onto the mole.  The manufacturer offers a full refund if the treatment does not work.  This product is also about £40 so will be worth trying out.

If none of these work it may be that you do have to start looking for a surgeon.

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