Mole Removal Stitches

Moles can be a blight on the lives of many people and often when they are facial moles there will be a desire for them to be removed.  If you do not have faith in over the counter remedies or have tried them and not found them to be effective you will want to visit a doctor where you will more than likely opt for a surgical procedure.  As soon as the procedure is finished it would be easy to think that your problems had ended and you could get back to normal.  However it is very likely that you will have had stitches and you need to make sure that they are treated correctly.  If they are on your face it is vitally important that you keep them clean.  This is true of stitches anywhere but an infection on your face will look much worse than the mole did.

Mole Removal Stitches

The stitches will have a cover on them and depending on where they are it will be hard to keep the bandage on.  If it does come off and the stitches are exposed make sure that they are kept clean.  If it is possible to put a bandage back on that will be best, but if not a sterile dressing should be used.  Most chemists will sell these and they are easy to apply.  The wound and stitches also need to be kept dry and as you are likely to have them in for 10 days this is not going to be easy.  Depending on where they are you may be able to keep that part of the body out of the bath but for hands or the face, it will be almost impossible.  If they become infected it will be best to go back to the doctor.

Getting Back to Normal

As you will feel fine it is easy to think that you can just go back to what you were doing just before you had the stitches put in.  Clearly light housework and an office job will not put a big strain on you but if you have an energetic job or hobbies it will be best to see how they hold up.  Doctors will very often advise you to err on the side of caution and suggest that you need to take it easy for longer than you do.  One patient was advised to refrain from running for almost 2 weeks, while another started again after 4 and did not have a problem.  If the stitches do break there will be a horrible scar and if they break within a day or two there may be the need to have them redone.  Not only will it look a mess but you will have to suffer through the second lot of stitches.

As long as you follow the doctor’s advice in the main part, but also use a bit of your own initiative regarding what you can and cannot do you should be fine.  If there seems to be any infection it is important to make sure you sort it out right away.

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