Mole Removal Scarring

If you need to have a mole removed you may decide to visit a doctor rather than try a remedy at home.  There are some very good over the counter remedies but if you want a fast and efficient removal you will need to visit a doctor.  Their procedures will either be in the form of a cut that takes away the entire mole and quite often will be extended to the skin around it or it will be via laser or cryogenic surgery.  

This is to make sure that the entire mole is removed and this is important for two reasons. Firstly the root could continue to grow and even through the top of the mole had gone another could grow and secondly if it was cancerous you would need to have the whole thing out so as the cells could not reproduce.  For a flat mole a laser would be used as this will be better than cutting the skin.

Mole Removal Scarring

However experienced a doctor is there could be a problem and you could be left with a scar.  The laser should not be too hot, but although you may not feel any discomfort at the time it is possible that the skin will be burned.  With the other procedure it is clear that when a hole is cut in the skin and it is then stitched up there is bound to be some scarring.
There are things that can be done to limit scarring but it is inevitable that there will be some.  If the wound heals well there will be minimal scarring but in the event of it being noticeable there are treatments that can correct it.  Making sure the wound is clean and moisturised is a start but in the event that the scar is not going to fade on its own you need to decide what to do.

Silicone Treatment

Silicone sheeting is an ideal way to work on a scar.  It must not be used while the wound is healing but once that has happened the treatment can begin.  Silicone cream can also be used and these are the most effective ways to deal with a scar.  Once the silicone has been applied the scar will begin to reduce.  It will start to flatten against the skin and start to also lose the red colour.  It will not be as hard and the risk of keloids will be reduced.

Once applied the silicone needs to be in place for at least 12 hours in order to be really effective.  This may be difficult if you are not at home but by delaying the procedure you could lose valuable time and not see such good results.  An ideal solution would be to use the cream or liquid during the day as it is less noticeable but then use the sheets during the night.  It is important to use the sheets at some stage as they do produce better results.

You will be amazed at how much better the scars look once the treatment has been completed.  In some cases they will vanish completely.

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