Mole Removal Reviews

It seems that everywhere you look there is a product that removes moles – or at least claims that it does.Mole removal reviews give the good and bad about products but here have come down firmly in favour of the product.

Mole Removal Reviews - Dermatend

This is a product that has received some great reviews from users and the majority are saying that they would happily use it again.  At nearly £30 it will be a lot cheaper than going to a surgeon but a lot dearer than rubbing garlic on the mole.  Depending on how effective it is it will be easy to decide if it is worth the price.  They offer a money back guarantee so they must have some confidence that it will work.
The good points are that is it is easy to use.  It works quickly, so you don’t need to be buying tube after tube just to try to get rid of the on the mole.  Some reviewers claim that they have only had to apply it once to a small mole for it to be effective.  Bigger ones need more than one treatment but they still disappear much more quickly than they would with other treatments.  There is a small tube of antibiotic cream in the pack and it is essential that this is used.  There is acclaim by some that this stops scars, but others just say it made sure they did not get an infection, or if they did it cleared it up very quickly.  It was considered to be on a par with its nearest rival Wart and Mole Vanish.  There is the downside that the moles need to be scraped to remove them but other than that reviewers were impressed with the performance.

Mole Removal Reviews -Wart and Mole Vanish

This is dearer than its rival but at £50 it is still much cheaper than getting a doctors bill.  There is a money back guarantee here as well so the product must be effective or the company would soon go out of business.  Reviewers have made mainly good comments about it and one remark that comes up time and time again is that it is a totally natural product.  On one site all 4 testers found that 100% of their moles were removed.  There is no need to scrape away the mole as it will just fall off on its own.  The downside is that there is a burning sensation when the substance is applied.  Most people accept that with this sort of treatment it is likely to happen.  It was also considered best not to use it on small children for that reason but other than that it was a good buy.

With such good mole removal reviews it is understandable that doctors may soon see a decrease in the number of moles they remove each year.  As long as the product is safe and effective most people would rather wait a few weeks and use a remedy they can buy than have to save to visit a doctor and still have to make the effort to get to and from the surgery.

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