Mole Removal Remedies

Medical mole removal is a safe and easy procedure to have carried out.  For some people who really do not like needles or the idea of a hole being cut in their skin they will want to see surgery as a last resort.  There is also the consideration of the cost.  It can be around £300 per mole so unless you are really bothered by it and need it to be gone as soon as possible you can look at other options first.

If you have faith in home remedies there are plenty available and yet none of them can be said to be completely successful.  Fruit is the main remedy suggested and really it is little more than rubbing a piece of fruit on the mole.  This also applies to garlic and while there are plenty of medicinal benefits attributed to garlic, few people will have had their mole disappear just because of this.  There are many other natural products suggested, although if any of them truly had a great success rate there would be little need for doctors to remove them.

Natural Mole Removal Remedies

  • Flaxseed and flax oil - the idea here would be to make them into a poultice.
  • Tea Tree oil – the oil is dabbed onto the mole a couple of times a day for a couple of weeks.  Eventually it will just drop off.  There are few if any side effects and tea tree oil is not expensive.
  • Castor oil – this is applied in the same way as tea tree oil.  It is important not to leave it for a day or two without making an application as it could mean it will take longer to fall off.
  • Sour apples – the juice should be applied at least twice a day.  It can be any sort of sour apple and this is another inexpensive solution although quite what effect so much acid on the skin will have is unknown.
  • Baking soda – this can be mixed with something like cider vinegar to make a paste that will be applied.  It is claimed that this method will stop the mole growing back but does not explain why this is.  With every other method there is the knowledge that the mole will grow back.
  • Onion juice – again this is applied and you just wait for the mole to fall off.  There are no side effects to this method and it should take just a couple of weeks to be effective.
  • Dandelion root – the white substance should be removed from the root and applied to the mole.  This will be the cheapest method to try and if it does not work you have not lost anything.

It may be necessary to go ahead and look for a medical solution if none of the home remedies work.  As long as you are not allergic to any of the ingredients you use you will not have caused any problems, but it may have wasted time when you could have visited a doctor.

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