Mole Removal Procedures

Although we all have moles in one area or the other when we have ones that cause problems we just want to have them removed as soon as possible.  The procedures are not dangerous and all can be done with just one trip to the doctors.  If there are many that you want to have removed they may decide to do them over a few days, but as long as there are only a few it will not take long.  The removed mole will be sent away for tests and this is a good warning to make you look out for future problems.

There are five main ways of removing moles and depending on the circumstances there is bound to be one that is suitable.  Each mole removal procedure has its good and bad points but as long as they are adequately explained you will be able to make an informed decision as to which one you want.  The type of mole will help to make the decision to an extent but you can still have some input.

Mole Removal Procedures

  • Incision with stitches – this is where the mole is cut out and the entire mole and root is removed.  Once it is all out the wound will be stitched and covered.  There will be a slight scar with this method but it does ensure that the whole mole is removed and there is little chance of it growing back.
  • Incision with cauterisation – here the mole is burned away.  It is taken down to the level of the skin and there will be very little in the way of scarring.  There is also less chance of infection and until antibiotics were available this was the most popular method.
  • Laser removal – this is ideal for flat moles mainly as with a raised one the light will not go deep enough to reach the skin.  Most people who want a mole removal procedure to remove a mole on their face will choose this as there will be less scarring.
  • Shaving- the mole is shaved down until it is level with the skin.  There is the chance that there will be a root left behind so if the tests show there is a chance it is cancerous there will be the need to have the rest removed.
  • Natural remedies – these are really old wives tales where fruit juices and garlic are supposed to remove them.  It may be worthwhile trying them for a day or two but in reality it is more than likely that the only way it could work would be if the skin was damaged and flaked off taking the mole with it.

Whichever method you choose will lead to you getting back the confidence you may have lost.  There will be no need to go back for other appointments unless you need to have stitches removed.  If they return there is no reason why you cannot go through the process again.  Once you are happy with one of the mole removal procedures there will be no fear of a repeat session.

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