Mole Removal Prices

Many people decide to opt for mole removal every day in the UK, but with the NHS only covering surgery for patients with malignant melanomas (cancerous moles), every other treatment and surgery will cost money.  If you can afford to spend a lot of money on cosmetic surgery there are numerous options available to you; but even for those who cannot afford to spend much there are still options available.

Home Remedy Mole Removal Prices

The cheapest option available to you where mole removal is concerned is home remedies.  The mole removal prices of these treatments can be as little as £1.  Home remedies tend to consist of ingredients that can be picked up cheaply and conveniently at supermarkets and health food stores such as garlic, pineapple, honey and apple cider vinegar.  Each of these ingredients can be applied to a mole to facilitate the removal process.  There are numerous websites online with detailed descriptions on how home mole removal remedies can be made.

Over the Counter Mole Removal Prices

Over the counter mole removal products consist of creams and oils such as Dermatend.  Most of these products are acid based and they tend to range in price from around £20-£50.  These products are applied in a similar way to the home remedies described above with the added advantage of each one having a money back guarantee.  If the mole is removed – great!  If not, you can always claim your money back.

Surgical Mole Removal Prices

Surgical mole removal prices vary greatly depending on the size and location of the mole and the clinic you choose to have it surgically removed.  The cost of mole removal in the UK can vary from £50 - £300 but it is important to remember that this is the basic cost for mole removal and does not include the cost for the initial consultation or the after care.  Each clinic is different and it will be best to do as much research as possible into the prices of each particular one.  Below are some general prices for different surgical mole removal procedures:

  • Excision – when the doctor cuts the mole away from the face is the most common type of mole removal surgery in the UK.  This type of surgery tends to cost around £100 although prices do vary widely across the country.
  • Laser therapy is a popular mole removal choice as it is fast and leaves very little scarring behind.  The general price for this type of surgery is £300 for the first mole and around £75 for each other mole removed in the same session. 
  • Shaving – This type of surgery is used on large moles that protrude from the skin.  It generally makes the moles the same level as the skin and costs on average £250 per mole.

It is also possible to pay to have your other moles checked by a doctor when you choose their clinic for mole removal surgery.  Sometimes this will be included in the price but quite often a full body check will cost around £150.

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