Mole Removal Plastic Surgeon

Whilst many people have moles on their face and body that they do not deem to be a problem, there are just as many people who are not happy with their moles for aesthetic reasons.  When this happens, many people often resort to mole removal surgery in order to regain their self-confidence.  A mole removal plastic surgeon or a dermatologist is required to perform mole removal surgery and it is their job to ensure that you are happy with the treatment you receive.

How to find a Mole Removal Plastic Surgeon

If you decide that you would like one or more of your moles removing your first step should be to book an appointment with your GP to check if your moles are cancerous (malignant melanomas) or not.  He will refer you to a skin care specialist who can perform a biopsy to check the status of your moles.  If your moles do show signs of cancerous cells your operation will be covered by the NHS and your doctor will refer you to a mole removal plastic surgeon to discuss your options.

If your moles are deemed to be not cancerous and the only reason for having them removed is for aesthetic reasons you have two options.  Your GP can refer you to a private mole removal plastic surgeon in the area who you can be sure is good at his job or you can search for your own surgeon.  If you decide to search for your own mole removal plastic surgeon you may want to speak to people you know in your area who have had similar surgery or you may want to search on the internet for a private mole removal clinic in your area.

Mole Removal Surgery

Depending on the type of mole you want removing you have a number of options.  Once you have found a clinic in your area you should schedule an appointment in which you will meet with a mole removal plastic surgeon to discuss your choices.  If the mole is small and easy to remove he may do it in your initial consultation.  If he doesn’t he should make you aware of the costs involved for the consultation, the surgery and the aftercare.

It is advisable to make sure to check out references of the specific mole removal plastic surgeon that you have chosen.  Although 99% of the time you will be fine, you do not want to have a bodged operation only to find out there were numerous warnings about the specific surgeon online.  Not only should your mole removal plastic surgeon discuss your surgery choices with you, he should also prepare you for what to expect both before, during and after surgery.  A good mole removal plastic surgeon will be experienced in his field and do this operation numerous times a week.  So if you only want a mole removal cosmetic surgery performed it is advisable to visit a clinic who only specialise in this area of health care.

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