Mole Removal Kits

Mole removal kits are one of the more controversial options when it comes to mole removal.  Widely available in the UK, they are aimed to help you self-operate on your moles.  There have been many stories in recent years of these kits being dangerous and leading to permanent scarring.  There is also the issue of numerous people using them without checking whether their moles are non-cancerous or not.  Although cheap, are mole removal kits a good idea?

Mole Removal Kits – How do they Work

The main concept of a mole removal kit is very similar to many of the home remedy mole removal treatments.  When you buy a kit you are sent a set of instructions and a herbal remedy that is claimed will get rid of your moles.  Users are instructed to scratch their moles using an emery board or needle before applying the herbal remedy onto the mole.  The herbal mixture works to encourage the mole to scab before it falls off.  Although the kits may sound a bit rough they are becoming more and more popular throughout the UK – especially with cash strapped teens who cannot afford the over the counter removal creams or surgery.

Side Effects from Mole Removal Kits

Although mole removal kits work in a very similar way to home remedy solutions, there have been numerous instances of problems encountered by users.  Users of mole removal kits have reported moles being removed, but dents appearing in their place, and severe burns on areas surrounding the moles.  Other users have been left with lumps and raised scars which they have had to have corrective surgery or silicone treatment to fix.  Whilst these kits do what they say, in that they remove moles, there are a number of side effects that many of the first time users are unaware of.

Mole Removal Kits – Check for Cancer First!

The most important mistake that people make when opting to use a mole removal kit is forgetting to check their mole for cancer first.  With a nation of sun dwellers, the UK’s skin cancer figures are rising year after year.  By removing a mole purely for aesthetic reasons with a shop bought kit, many people are overlooking the possible signs of a malignant melanoma (cancerous mole).  People are advised TO CHECK with their doctor the status of their moles prior to attempting any home mole removal kit.  Moles are known as being a first step warning system to cancer and by removing them and literally disposing of the evidence, many people that end up with skin cancer are leaving themselves short when it comes to diagnosis.

If a mole is determined to be cancerous then a trained professional will be able to remove the mole and the surrounding area in a controlled surgical procedure.  Removing a mole with a mole removal kit may sound like a great idea, but surely it is better to speak to someone who know what they are doing first?  Not only to advise you on what to do but also to check for life threatening diseases.

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