Mole Removal in the UK

Moles are not just an aesthetic issue.  We may think that mole removal is just something people do because they want to look pretty (in the lines of plastic surgery), but unfortunately it is not that simple.  Moles can be a sign of skin cancer and removing them in time can help you discover and prevent the terrible disease.

Mole removal risks exist, like scarring, pain discomfort or the creation of a scab or redness that can last a couple of weeks.  These risks far outweigh the advantages of removing the mole.  Moles can be removed either through laser, electro-cautery or liquid nitrogen surgery.  Some doctors can even recommend chemical options like a skin tag remover.  The most commonly used method is the laser, although there are doctors that believe there is a greater risk for a scar to remain with this method than in the case of the other methods.

How Much Does Mole Removal in the UK Cost?

 The first thing you need to do when deciding to remove a mole is consult a doctor.  There are cases in which you may be able to remove the mole at no charge, through the National Health Service.  If the NHS is not an option, then you may need to pay yourself for a specialist.  A mole removal surgery can cost anything from £250 to £500, depending very much on the location of the mole and its size.  Other costs may include the consultation - although some clinics waive that fee if you decide after that consultation to schedule a mole removal surgery with them.  If you would like to do a full body check for moles, to make sure that the ones you spotted are the only ones that need to be removed, you may have to pay extra, up to £100.

Mole Removal in the UK Clinics

 If you decide that you do not want to or cannot pursue the National Health Service option, a large number of clinics and hospitals are at your disposal to perform the procedure.  Here are a few options:

  • CosMedics UK - A cosmetic surgery specialised clinic chain, CosMedics offers all types of plastic surgery options for clients in London and Bristol.
  • Medicetics - Another option for London residents, Medicetics is also specialised in cosmetic procedures, guaranteeing you therefore doctors with a hand for plastic surgery and a professional job.
  • Skin - With a more extended network of clinics, sk:n covers London, the Midlands (Birmingham, Leicester, Northampton, Norwich, Nottingham and others), the North and Scotland (Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Middlesborough, Newcastle, Sheffield) and the South (Brighton, Bristol, Portsmouth, Southampton and others), giving patients all over the UK access to their services.

For cases where moles do not seem such a serious issue, or you simply would like to try another option other than surgery, chemical options are available.  Most of these options claim to have lesser side-effects compared to surgery which may be true but statistics show that there’s also a risk of ineffectiveness.  If there’s a cancer risk, surgery may be the safer option.

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