Mole Removal Healing

Whether you have decided to have your mole removed by a natural remedy, an over the counter cream or by surgery on the NHS or in a private clinic you will have to go through the healing process.  Depending on the type of treatment you received the healing process could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.  The healing method is different for most types of mole removal procedures and we will describe a few to you in this article.

Home Remedy Mole Removal Healing

Home mole removal remedies generally consist of using household ingredients to encourage a mole to scab and fall off.  The healing process after this type of treatment is usually less than a week and should be treated like any other scab.  It is important not to pick at or peel the scab during the healing process and to keep it covered where possible as this will prevent infection.  If infection does occur visit your doctor as soon as possible and tell them what remedy you used and what has happened so that he can prescribe the proper medication.  If done correctly home mole removal remedies leave only a small scar which should fade pretty fast.

Over the Counter Mole Removal Healing

The healing process for over the counter creams and oils is very similar to the home remedy removal methods.  The specific product that you buy should advise you on the healing period and what to do in case of infection.  Again the general rule is, if there is something wrong, see your doctor as soon as possible.

Surgical Mole Removal Healing

There are numerous different surgical procedures and each have a different healing time.  A few of these are described below:

  • Excision – this is the method of mole removal surgery that has the longest healing time.  This is because in this method, the surgeon will cut into your skin and the surrounding area to remove the mole at its root.  This method will require stitches and it is vitally important that you take proper care of them to prevent infection.  You may be required to have some after care appointments in which you will have them stitches removed.  Whilst the stitches are in place you should keep them dry and not touch them to avoid scarring.  The healing process for excision surgery can take around 3-4 weeks.
  • Cyrotherapy – this mole removal method works by freezing your moles until they drop off.  The healing process for this mole removal method is around two weeks, during which time you should keep the area clean to prevent infection.  It is usual for the area to blister during the healing period and you should make sure not to burst or pick at the blister in order to avoid scarring.
  • Laser Mole Removal – this is one of the quickest methods of mole removal and the recovery time is also very short.  After surgery you should be careful to keep the area out of the sun to quicken the healing process and prevent scarring.

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