Mole Removal for Different Moles

Some people are born with moles and others notice them appearing later in life.  The sun can play a part in their growth but some are hereditary and it is these moles that are connected to skin cancer.  They can appear anywhere but it is when that are on the face that they can become most upsetting and there will be an emotional if not medical need to have them removed.

Surgery is the quickest and most effective way of removal, but it is far from the only way.  For some they just treat themselves to a serious of facials.  Over time they can alter the appearance of the mole but will not always be able to completely remove them.  There could be a lot of money paid out and very little difference made to your appearance.
There are also many over the counter remedies but these are often harsh and can damage the skin.  This may not be too much of a problem – but not ideal – on certain areas of the body but if used on the face they could leave more of a mark than the mole did.  Professional surgery leaves very few marks and once a few weeks have passed the scars should be starting to fade.

Cancerous Moles

If a mole is deemed to be cancerous it must be treated in a completely different way.  If your existing moles start to change appearance this could be a sign of cancer and they will need to be removed.  The way to tell there may be a problem is if the mole is pink or tan and has an unusual shape.  It will be important to have cancerous moles removed as quickly as possible and they will be cut out.  Often they can be removed in the doctor’s office, but depending on how deep they are there may be the need for a visit to the hospital.  For smaller ones there will be a device that will scoop them out with a small instrument that looks like a cookie cutter.  If the decision is made to have the treatment in hospital they will be removed as a result of surgery.

Non-Surgical Removal

A cherry mole can be removed in a variety of ways.  A home kit can be bought and the area is treated as if the skin was being moisturised.  The skin dries out and the capillaries sink back under the skin.  For more persistent moles, a laser can be used.  This will be more expensive but will also be quick and painless.

Black moles have various methods of removal connected to them.  Most of them will have no real chance of removing the mole, as they are generally just using fruit and rubbing it onto the affected area.  It is unlikely that any harm will be caused but certainly no removal.  Whether or not the mole is removed will be down to the individual.  What will be a concern for one person will not bother another and they will be prepared to keep the small mole that they have.  It is mostly a matter of confidence.

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