Mole Removal Cream UK

The removal of moles can be costly.  While the availability of specialised mole removal clinics is prevalent across the UK the cost (which is not covered by the NHS) is prohibitive to most average individuals averaging about £250 per mole.  For residents of the UK, there are many holistic creams and specific mole removal topical products available to address an “at home” removal of non-cancerous moles.  If your physician has determined that the mole is a cosmetic issue and not one that warrants a biopsy or other health investigations to rule out the risk of melanoma (skin cancer) the option to engage in at home treatment is available before using mole removal cream UK.

A number of mole removal cream UK options are available and some are very highly recommended and claim to be effective at removing or reducing the appearance of moles quickly with a non-intrusive topical application.


Dermatend claims to be a natural remedy topical mole removal cream UK application for the successful removal of moles at home.  The product is formulated from all natural ingredients including Sanguinaria Canadensis, Vegetable Glycerine, Distilled Water and Zinc and the product website claims that over 10,000 people worldwide have successfully used Dermatend to remove moles.  It also claims to remove skin tags and warts.  The product offers a sixty (60) day money back guarantee.

Wart & Mole Vanish

For another time of mole removal cream UK, consider the Wart & Mole Vanish kit which retails for £29.95 and contains all the tools and equipment to effectively remove a mole at home.  The kit provides enough cream to remove up to five large moles and up to twenty five small moles.  The method is not painless however and requires penetration of the mole with a lancet (sharp blade) to allow the cream to penetrate inside the mole. 
Some moles are particularly sensitive and it may be quite painful to scratch the surface of a mole which has some existing inflammation.  Additionally the mole removal cream UK creates a rather sharp burning sensation as it permeates below the skin surface and as such the method can be rather complicated and uncomfortable for some individuals.  However with the Wart & Mole Vanish cream the application requires only one treatment in most cases to remove the mole.


For an entirely holistic approach to mole removal cream UK, a paste can be created from the Bloodroot plant which is said to speed up the removal of a mole.  Bloodroot (also known as sanguinaria canadensis, bloodwort, red puccoon root, pauson and tetterwort) has been historically used to address infection and skin disorders.  Many popular over the counter mole remedies contain the extract of bloodroot which should never be taken internally unless supervised by a physician but many individuals have had success with this mole removal cream UK.

While a variety of “at home” treatments exist to address the removal of moles it is recommended that no modality be started without an evaluation by a qualified physician to rule out the possibility of melanoma (skin cancer).  A mole which may be cancerous runs the risk of creating widespread cancer in the body if ignored and frequently a biopsy is the best way to determine the presence of cancer for the patient prior to using any mole removal cream UK.

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