Mole Removal Cream: Does It Work ?

Given that the cost of mole removal can range anywhere from £180 to £300 or more per removal and as the National Health Service (NHS) does not provide this medical service coverage, many individuals investigate both holistic methods and alternative therapies other than surgery.  One of the options widely available although medically refuted is the use of a mole removal cream.  But does it work?

The argument for chemical removal of moles is not only that it presents a cost effective alternative but also that it is far less invasive and painful, and requires little to no recovery time in comparison to surgical mole removal procedures.  A less painful and less expensive method of addressing cosmetic moles is offered but do mole removal creams actually work?

Mole Removal Cream: Does It Work?

A popular cream available to consumers is Wart & Mole Vanish © by Pristine Herbal Touch.  This particular product is the winner of over five international awards for excellence in scientific products and it claims to remove both warts and moles effectively by topical application only and reports to resolve the issue in a single duration of twenty minutes.  The cream works by effectively fading the skin pigment of the mole and “chemically burning” the lesion apparently without the use of natural acids.

The Wart & Mole Vanish kit provides enough cream for the removal of 2-5 large moles or 5-25 small moles.  It retails for £29.95 and is a popular purchased at home remedy for the “do it yourself” removal of warts.  Cost comparatively it offers a tremendous saving to having the mole professionally removed at a clinic.  The methodology behind the use of this particular “at home mole removal” kit is to penetrate the mole with a sharp instrument (provided in the tool kit) followed by an application of the mole removal cream.  It is not a painless procedure and instructions indicate that a “scab” will form over the treated area.  Once the scab falls off the expectation is that the mole will be gone.

Risks with Mole Removal Cream

What are the risks with using mole removal cream: does it work?  In 2009 the Daily Mail reported that while the use of mole cream appeared to be effective it created a health risk due to certain side effects post treatment.  In some cases patients incurred infections or other complications including disfiguring any unwanted indentations below the surface of the mole.  Other scarring was frequently reported as well, making the inexperienced application of the medicinal cream highly hazardous for the average consumer.  But mole removal cream… Does it work?

The Daily Mail also reported that the hidden threat to at home treatments was misdiagnosis.  Whereas addressing the removal of moles in a qualified clinic offered a professional consultation with a qualified dermatologist who could take a biopsy and examine the area for a risk assessment of melanoma (skin cancer), individuals attempting to diagnose themselves at home would not have the training to detect the health threat.  If misdiagnosed and unaddressed melanoma can spread aggressively through /the body and metastasise, potentially causing a life threatening tumour.

Mole removal cream: does it work?  Some say yes but at a risk.  In a classic case of buyer beware and considering the severity of health risks due to misdiagnosis it is recommended that mole removal creams be avoided and that the service be provided by a qualified practitioner instead.

Mole removal cream: does it work?  You decide.

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