Mole Removal Cost

Removal of a mole (congenital or dysplastic nevi) may be pursued for cosmetic reasons where the mole is distracting or displeasing aesthetically to the patient, or for serious health care concerns and to avoid the development of instances of melanoma on the skin.  Mole removal costs unfortunately are deemed to be a “non-essential” health care service and as such are not compensable by the NHS (National Health Service).  As such individuals who are seeking to remove non-cancerous lesions must investigate private removal at locations such as professional surgical or specialized mole removal clinics.   Fortunately the prevalence of the procedural and the very simplicity of the procedure bodes well for patients, as mole removal services are widely offered across the UK.

As the mole removal cost of the surgical procedure will be covered by the individual patient it is important to take the opportunity to investigate a number of service providers and compare the reputation of the clinic as well as the fee structure in place for mole removal.  Depending on the selected method of mole removal (which can vary depending on the size, location and depth of the mole) the mole removal costs can vary dramatically.  Many clinics are very transparent about their fees and publish them online making comparison and research far easier for mole removal cost.

Shave Excision Mole Removal Cost

The least expensive mole removal cost is done under a topical anaesthetic and the mole is literally shaved down using a tool called a derma blade which reduces the height of the mole to the surface level of the surrounding skin.  This procedure is relatively quick (takes on average less than twenty minutes) and painless and leaves behind the darkened mark of the mole on the skin.  The shave excision is employed where there is no concern about melanoma but for individual cases where the overall height of the mole was problematic, for instance a mole that has the tendency to be pulled or “catched” on clothing or during certain daily activities such as shaving.

A brief therapeutic laser application is employed after the shave excision to stop bleeding and cauterise the wound and aid in fast healing of the surface area.  No stitches are required and the healing process generally takes up to two weeks.  The average mole removal cost of a shave excision method is £250.

Elliptical Excision Mole Removal Cost

Where the possibility of melanoma (skin cancer) exists the elliptical excision method is typically chosen.  This method first employs the shave excision procedure followed by a deep excision of the entire body of the mole below the surface of the skin.  Given the depth of the surgical procedure a cauterizing laser treatment is required afterward, and minor scarring occurs.  The average mole removal cost of an elliptical excision is £320 for the first mole and up to £150 or more for each subsequent removal in the clinical appointment.

Biopsy Fee

Whether the mole was addressed using a shave excision or an elliptical excision the removed skin cells are always sent for testing and biopsy to eliminate the possibility of existing melanoma.  There is an additional mole removal cost for this service which starts at £50 to approximately £100.  It is an additional expense but well worth the peace of mind.

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