Mole Removal Clinics

A mole is a growth on the skin that presents as brown or black in appearance.  It can be raised on the surface or flat and can appear singularly or in a cluster of similar lesions.  Moles occur when skin cells (melanocytes) grow in a cluster rather than allowing the pigmentation to be spread evenly over the skin.  The pigment of skin affects the coloration of the skin surface and also offers some protection; however when a mole presents itself as an accumulation of pigmentation the coloration becomes darker when exposed to sunlight.

Some moles are naturally present after birth (called congenital nevi).  Generally speaking these moles are less concerning and possess a lower risk of becoming cancerous than new moles which manifest themselves after the age of twenty.  Dysplastic nevi are irregular shaped moles greater than 7mm in size which typically occur in older adults (citing sun damage as a possible cause) and may present as an increased risk of melanoma for patients.  If a Dermatologist concludes that a mole is a high risk lesion, they will refer the patient to a mole removal clinic for excision and biopsy.  A mole may also be removed for cosmetic reasons, or if it is raised and presents an issue with shaving safely, etc.   A formal referral is typically required from a physician in order to attend a mole removal clinic.

Mole Removal Clinics Services Available

A specialised mole removal clinic offers a variety of dermatological and health care services.  Mole, wart, cyst and skin tag diagnosis and removal are available by a variety of methods.  Additional services such as screening and examination of the skin for potential dermatological issues or “mole checks” are also conducted at mole removal clinics. 

The National Health Service (NHS) unfortunately does not have the resource to address cosmetic skin lesions such as moles nor do they offer free mole removal clinics.  The cost of evaluation may be partially covered however for the removal of warts and moles and is compensable in private clinics at the patient’s expense.  Removal can range in cost from £100 to £200 and up for 1-3 excisions depending on the method of removal and required follow up care.

Mole Removal Clinic Locations

The London Mole Clinic offers mole removal clinic services at four convenient locations in Putney, Harley Street, Bristol and the city.   Another popular provider of dermatological services is The Hospital Group which offers four locations in Stoney Lane, Bromsgrove, Birmingham and Worcestershire.  The Hospital Group also offers the convenience of in house plastic surgery procedures to address post surgical issues if required.

Other popular health care options and mole removal clinic services include Cosmedics UK which offers numerous clinic locations across Britain and Ireland.

Whether you opt for mole removal clinics for cosmetic reasons or for health care concerns, there are numerous locations available to conduct the procedure effectively.  Done under a local anaesthetic the procedure at a mole removal clinic is relatively painless and non-intrusive, and it requires marginal recovery time post-operatively.   While somewhat costly the benefit to appearance and long term health are worth the investment.

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