Methods of Mole Removal

Moles are almost part of every person’s life. To some, a small and unobtrusive dot is their mark of distinction from everybody else. To others, it is a symbol of imperfection and needs to be removed at all costs. If an individual wishes to remove a physical attribute because he/she is uncomfortable with it, he/she has every right to do so. Luckily, there are various methods of mole removal that can be turned to. Some methods of mole removal are listed below. The suitability of each method may depend on the need and condition of the individual, so make sure to consult a health professional before taking the plunge and making use of any of the options listed below.


The most common among methods of mole removal are mole removal creams.  Aside from being cheaper and practically painless, mole removal creams pose lesser side effects.  However, it is quite difficult to find mole removal creams that will work well for you, simply because the effects of formulas to different persons vary.  If you plan to use mole removal creams, seek the recommendation of a dermatologist so you know which brands will work best for your needs.

Laser Mole Removal

If mole removal creams are the most common among methods of mole removal, the fastest and sure fire way to remove moles is through laser mole removal.  This method makes use of laser energy being released to the targeted spot.  The laser energy breaks off the pigment of the mole, making the colour disintegrate and then carried away in the form of waste while it is healing.  Although there is a chance that moles may recur (because lasers do not always reach the roots of the mole), this does not usually happen as long as the mole has been exposed long enough to the laser.

Liquid Nitrogen Method

Perhaps the liquid nitrogen application method is the most favoured among methods of mole removal because of its practicality, ease of procedure, and high success rate when it comes to totally eliminating the mole.  This process makes use of liquid nitrogen which is applied to the mole.  The sudden “freezing” of the mole causes it to die, along with its roots that are well embedded in the skin.  The mole subsequently falls off after the surgery.  However, since liquid nitrogen application affects the roots of the mole scarring may occur, although scars from this procedure are barely noticeable.

Cosmetic Surgery

Although undergoing cosmetic surgery to remove a mole may be painful and expensive, this option is the best among methods of mole removal when it comes to avoiding scars.  Removal of moles through cosmetic surgery may involve cutting off the culprit and affecting the small area of the skin around it.  However, scars of cosmetic surgeries for moles are usually minimal and barely noticeable when properly healed.  This is also the option for patients who have moles that have turned cancerous.  You need to consult with a professional to determine if this method will work best for you.

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