Mole Removal

Most of us have a lot of moles all over our bodies and some are in places that will never be seen by most people while others are too visible and can be a source of embarrassment.  They may be worse in our own minds than they are to other people but if we build them up to a major problem before long we will be looking for ways to get rid of them.  Some people swear by the home remedies that were passed down through the generations.  Rub a piece of garlic on them or drain the juice from an onion and the mole will just fall off!!  There may be some occasions when this works but if they were totally successful there would be no need to develop other ways to get rid of them.  No one would spend tens of thousands of pounds to produce something that was not needed if mole removal was already so easy to do.

Mole Removal Lotions and Creams

There are a couple of solutions that can be bought to remove moles without the need for a prescription.  They are much more expensive than the products you have round the house, but some do seem to have been fairly effective in the treatment of some moles.  Wart Mole Vanish is one product that has been reviewed and recommended by former users.  When all else fails and you can’t find a mole removal product on the market that will work for you the last option seems to be surgery and even here there is a choice.
If this is because you just want to get rid of the mole there will be a cost and it will be a lot more than one of the over the counter creams or lotions cost.  The difference here is that you know the mole will be removed and you can also have it checked out to make sure it is not a sign of something more serious.  It is a quick and fairly painless procedure and depending on the type and size of the mole there could be a choice of surgery.

Types of Mole Removal Surgery

For a flat mole or at least one that is not raised very much it will be possible to laser the mole away.  The area will be frozen and then the laser will be applied to different parts of the mole until it shrivels and falls off.  If the mole is thicker there will be two other choices.  It could be shaved away.  Here there will be small slices cut away at a time and then a heated implement used to stop the bleeding.  Once it has been shaved down to the level of the skin it will be cauterised for the last time.  The final option will be cutting the mole out.  If the mole is large this can leave quite a big hole to be sewn up.  Mole removal carried out this way can leave a scar but over a period of time this should begin to disappear.

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