How much does a Mole Removal Cost

Many people feel the need to have one or more moles removed from their bodies.  But how much does a mole removal cost?  Depending on the method and clinic you choose, the type of mole and the number of moles you want removing, the costs can vary drastically from £50 to over £1000.  In this article we are going to discuss the costs of mole removal and what the best options may be.

How Much Does a Mole Removal Cost on the NHS?

The National Health Service offers mole removal for free IF the mole is deemed to be dangerous or if you can prove that it is causing you discomfort.  The NHS will perform treatment on your mole if it is deemed to be a melanoma – a form of skin cancer.  They will also treat your mole if it is in an awkward place and causing you discomfort – on the face when shaving, or rubbing against clothing.  The NHS generally do not operate on moles for aesthetic reasons and when they do the waiting times are often not worth the further discomfort.

How Much Does a Mole Removal Cost in a Clinic?

Depending on the type of mole removal you decide to have done and the clinic you choose the prices for mole removal in a clinic vary from person to person.  Many clinics will ask you to contact them for a free quote so they can assess your individual situation before naming a price.  One of the most popular types of mole removal in the UK is by laser.  This tends to cost on average £300 per mole.  The price tends to be high although the limited scarring and pain free feeling following surgery is said to be worth the cost by some.

Other methods for mole removal include shaving the mole off (average cost is £250), mole removal surgery with stitches (£350), and skin freezing (£140).  However these prices are not inclusive of the consultation fee which can vary, the cost of any anaesthetic and the cost of the surgery room.    Some clinics also offer a testing of the mole you have removed so you can be sure of whether it was pre-cancerous or not, and some will also look over your other moles to see if you have any others that could be deemed dangerous.  These may or may not come at an extra price.

Can I get Any Discounts?

Sometimes the clinic where you decide to have your mole removal surgery performed will offer a discount if you decide to have more than one mole removed at once with their clinic.  Some clinics may also waive the consultation fee if the mole is removed during the consultation or if the customer decides to definitely have their mole removed with the company. 

The above prices however should not be relied on as true fact as many companies will still need to see the patient before they will give an official cost.  Everybody is different and so is every mole, so what is a good method of surgery for one patient may not be for another, hence the varying costs.

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