Home Mole Removal

Nearly all of us have moles on our bodies, but whether we like them or not is a different matter.  Many people dislike the aesthetic look of their moles and decide they want them removed.  The NHS only offers mole removal surgery if the mole is cancerous of pre-cancerous.  Private clinics are often more expensive than most of us can afford so what else can we do?  Home mole removal is the next best thing, and although it is not always effective, there are a number of options that we can try before opting for professional treatments.

Home Mole Removal Methods

So if you’ve decided to try home mole removal you have a choice of different ingredients available to you.  Onion extract is one of the most efficient means of removing moles from your body.  To do this, you must apply onion extract directly to your mole, three times a day for three weeks.  To make this method even more effective you can cover the area where you have applied the extract.  This ensures your mole will be infection free during the process.

Another popular method is using sour apple extract.  This must be applied in the same way as the onion extract for the same amount of time, and has been proven to be one of the most effective home mole removal methods.  Other possible options include pineapple, garlic paste, honey, cauliflower and fig stems.  These all work to dry out the moles so that they peel off after time.  Be warned though that when using garlic, it is a good idea to cover the area after application to make sure you keep the paste on the mole.

Home Mole Removal Kits

Before you decide to opt for home mole removal you must be completely confident that it is not dangerous.  If you cannot tell yourself it is wise to see a doctor or a dermatologist beforehand.  If the mole is not dangerous, a good idea is to buy a home mole removal kit.  Home mole removal kits work in a similar way to wart removal kits and they slowly shrink the mole by means of burning.  Small, regular moles that don’t bleed are the best type of mole to use a home mole removal kit on.  This is often a safer method than mixing up certain ingredients yourself which could result in burns or infection.

Who Should opt for Home Mole Removal?

Any adult who is completely sure that their mole is not infected or cancerous should be okay to try to remove their moles at home.  If you are unsure it is always wise to check with a specialist before attempting any of the methods above.  Home mole removal methods should NOT be used on children in any circumstances as their skin is a lot more sensitive than adults and home mole removal methods could cause more harm than good.  A medical opinion is vital if you think that your child’s mole may be causing them discomfort and it is important not to disregard medical advice.

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