Face Mole Removal

Of all the various moles that exist on people’s skin, the ones located on the face are the most inconvenient.  Often times a reason of emotional distress and low self-esteem, facial moles present a problem that needs to be removed to acquire the desired look.  Although some facial moles are considered beauty marks, many of them are unsightly and become a subject of mole removal procedures.  To get a better grasp of this notion, people need to learn about the various facial mole removal methods to get an idea about the procedure that may help them clear up their complexion and restore their attractive look.

There are two types of moles that may exist on one’s face: the first type comprises harmless moles whose appearance is unlikely to change over time, and there are also dangerous moles that may lead to melanoma or skin cancer.  These moles are usually large-sized, asymmetrical, with colour and texture differences, and are constantly changing as the person ages.  Such moles have to be analysed by an expert to determine whether they’re malign or not, and if they are, they need to be properly removed before they start affecting one’s health.

Face Mole Removal Procedures

There are various face mole removal methods available, and only after having your moles tested by a dermatologist, you can proceed with undergoing a specific mole removal treatment.

Surgical Incision

There are two types of surgical incision procedures that help people get rid of unsightly facial moles.  The first one involves stitches whereas the other one involves cauterisation of the wound.  Incision with stitches is the most common way of removing unattractive or dangerous moles.  The surgeon cuts out the mole and removes a small part of the surrounding area as well then the wound is stitched up and left to heal.  This face mole removal procedure is indicated in the case of dangerous moles as this method removes the mole completely.  The disadvantage of this mole removal technique consists of noticeable scarring which fade during time, but if a person has smaller and benign moles, this option is not the best if she wants to avoid scarring as much as possible.
Incision that involves cauterisation is a method that simply burns the mole off the skin.  Cauterisation decreases the likeliness of scarring, and it is also used to stop the bleeding and prevent post-procedure infections.  It is a method highly recommended in the case of face mole removal.


In this face mole removal method, the doctor uses a tool to shave the mole off whilst cauterising the wound.  It is an option recommended only for harmless moles because the disadvantage of this method is that mole cells remain under the skin and can re-grow.

Laser Face Mole Removal

This can be done only for some facial moles, that is harmless moles which are new, flat and pigmented.  The specialist targets a laser beam at the mole which breaks apart its pigment and gets absorbed by the body during the healing stage.  The laser treatment results in little scarring, but as long as people need to eradicate large and protruding moles, this option is not suitable for them.

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