Enrique Iglesias Mole Removal

Celebrities are one group of people who tend to always want to look perfect.  A small irregularity may not be a problem for a normal person but for a person in the spotlight 24/7 it is more than likely they will want it removing.  Enrique Iglesias is a pop star who is popular all over the world.  Unlike the usual celebrity the reason for the removal of a mole, his was due to it being pre-cancerous.

Enrique Iglesias Mole Removal

Enrique Iglesias’ mole was on the right of his middle nose, and was a large, obtruding mole that could not be cured by laser treatment.  Although seemingly unaffected by the presence of his mole from an aesthetical point of view, when his doctor said it may lead to cancer he decided it would be in his best interests to have it removed. 
On his first visit to the doctor to discuss his options, Enrique was told that the mole could be removed within five minutes.  He had the procedure at the age of 33, in 2003 and it was completed by the shaving method of mole removal surgery.  The operation was carried out under a local anaesthetic and although he did not feel a thing his comments were that he “saw a lot of blood”.  Enrique now says that many of his friends did not even notice he had had the mole removed.

Shave Excision Mole Removal

The method of shave excision mole removal is most commonly used on moles that are large and obtrude from the skin.  This is one of the cheapest versions of mole removal but it is not available on the NHS unless there is a possibility of it being malignant.  This method of mole removal works by effectively shaving off layers of the mole until it is down to the normal skin level.  This method does not completely remove the mole at its roots but it is an effective way of treating raised moles such as that of Enrique Iglesias’.

The after care of the shave excision of mole removal is minimal.  Although the recovery is not as fast as the laser method of mole removal it is still not as painful as the incision method.  The recovery time is around 3-4 weeks and in that time the skin and the area the mole was taken from returns to normal.

Enrique Iglesias Mole Removal – Cosmetic or Health Reasons

Although Enrique Iglesias claims that he had his mole for removed for health reasons (he said his doctor said it could cause cancer), many believe that it was due to aesthetic reasons.  If this was truly the case it is unlikely that Enrique would officially announce the fact for fear of alienating friends with similar marks.  Because Enrique’s mole showed no signs of irregularity it is widely believed that it was removed for cosmetic reasons although he has not openly said this to the media or his fans.

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