Does Mole Removal Hurt

It is said that one third of people have moles on their bodies in one place or another.  Many people do not see the need to have them removed but if they are malign, causing discomfort or un-aesthetically pleasing there may be the need to attempt mole removal.  There are numerous ways to remove moles – some are home methods and some are through surgery.  Depending on which method you choose, mole removal is said to be pretty much pain free.  Below are a few different methods of mole removal and the extent of pain you can expect to feel.

Does Home Mole Removal Hurt?

There are numerous home mole removal methods that you can try including shop bought oils and creams, and home remedies that you can mix yourself including apple vinegar, garlic, cauliflower and honey.  As long as you follow the instructions on the home removal methods these methods should be relatively pain free.  The only pain you may feel is if you use the solutions on parts of your skin (rather than the mole) and it burns.  These methods should not be used on children for this reason as a child’s skin is much more sensitive than an adults.

Does Laser Mole Removal Hurt?

Laser mole removal is one of the most preferred options for mole removal as it is again almost pain free.  There is no need to cut into the mole and so stitches are not required.  This reduces the healing process and also leaves the patient with very little pain during the after care.  The actual procedure is performed under a local anaesthetic and so the patient has no feeling in the area of the mole during the procedure.  The only problem that could arise with this method of mole removal is if you are allergic to the anaesthetic, but confirming things like this with your doctor beforehand will reduce the risk of this happening.

Does Mole Removal Surgery Hurt?

Mole removal surgery via incision is said to be the most painful method of mole removal surgery.  This method of surgery must be done if the mole is large and protrudes from the skin or if the mole is malignant.  This is because the whole mole must be removed and not just the area on the surface of the skin.  This type of surgery requires cutting around the mole and so stitches are required.  The after surgery period is said to be quite uncomfortable but it can be helped with general pain killers.  This type of surgery is also performed under a local anaesthetic and so the actual procedure should not be felt by the patient at all.

Mole removal surgery is one of the most pain free and effective surgeries in the UK today.  There are various methods of attempting mole removal, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.  There are certain types of mole removal procedures that are effective for certain types of moles.  If you have trouble deciding which option to choose or are worried about the pain that may be felt it may be best to discuss your options with a doctor or dermatologist.

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