DIY Mole Removal

Moles can cause some people problems and yet others sail through life without any problems from theirs.  There are a lot of ways to remove them and while some are very expensive others can be cheap.  Seeing a doctor will obviously make it expensive but if you decide to carry out DIY mole removal you can cut the cost a great deal.

DIY Mole Removal Using Food

Some measures are quite unusual and while they may not be renowned for being effective they may be worth trying on small moles.  Garlic is believed to remove moles if you rub a piece across it while other people swear that either onion juice or potato juice will do the same.  Garlic contains sulphur and there have been reports that leaving too much garlic on the skin can cause burns.  The use of petroleum jelly should combat this.  Honey has been tried as well and although there does not seem to be a logical reason for this it will be worth trying.
Apple cider vinegar is considered an effective form of DIY mole removal as it has a high acidity level.  It is the potassium level that works best and as a backup you can also try grapefruit juice as this is full of citric acid.  Tincture of iodine can be placed on the mole before you go to bed and through the night it will begin to dry out.  Over a couple of days it should start to shrivel up until it eventually disappears.

Other DIY Mole Removal Options

There is a DIY mole removal process that sounds very uncomfortable but many people are prepared to try it in an attempt to either save money or not have to go to a doctor as they are not sure they could have one cut out or lasered away.  A piece of cotton is tied around the bottom of the mole and left for a number of days.  The idea behind this is that the blood will no longer reach it and eventually the mole will die.  Some people have found that absolutely nothing happens while others have found that it works effectively even though they have no control as to where or when they fall off.
Small moles can have very weak roots and a thin trunk so attempts are made to force them off by gently pulling on them.  This will only work on the weakest of moles and can cause more problems than it solves.  If by some chance you do manage to get it off there is the risk of infection or excessive bleeding.

There are the products that you can get from the chemist and are able to use at home.  Most of them claim that the mole will be gone after just one or two treatments.  There are plenty of DIY home removal suggestions and there must be a reason why people are still prepared to try them.  It may be the cost of other treatments or simply the wish to be natural but whatever reason there is make sure that a doctor checks out any abnormal moles.

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