Dermatologist Mole Removal

If you have a mole that you really cannot put up with any more there are plenty of ways to have it removed.  Some are treatments that can be tried at home and are either items of food or oils used in cooking.  There are products that you can buy at the chemist but to make sure that they are gone for good, you will need to visit the doctors.  Your own GP may not be able to carry out the removal but they will be able to refer you to a specialist dermatologist.  When you are having a dermatologist mole removal procedure you can be sure that the mole will be gone for good.  There are a number of procedures that you can choose from and the dermatologist should be able to tell you the advantages or disadvantages of them all.

Dermatologist Mole Removal - The First Appointment

The first thing that the dermatologist will do is take a small sample of the mole - biopsy – to test for cancer.  The mole can be an early warning system to alert you to the development of cancer.  Once the results come back the dermatologist will be able to carry out the procedure on the NHS.  If the mole is not cancerous you will have to pay for the treatment but that will probably be considered a small price to pay for not having cancer.

When you made the appointment with the dermatologist there will have likely to have been a fee for the appointment and you will have been given a price for the removal.  The treatment will not be a long drawn out process and you will be able to go home the same day.

Dermatologist Mole Removal

When you first arrive, the area where the mole is will be anaesthetised before the removal begins.  The mole will more than likely be cut away and depending on the size of the mole this could leave a fairly substantial hole.  In order to remove all of the root the cut may have to be deep and when being sewed up, it may not be possible to get the scar as flat as you would like.  If it is not cancerous the dermatologist may opt to shave it down so it is it is then flat to your skin.  This will heal more quickly as there has not been a cut and also there should be less scaring.

A small and fairly flat mole may be considered suitable to be removed by laser.  This is where the dermatologist involved in the mole removal process will slowly burn the mole away.  It may not be possible to do this in one session so it can be quite time consuming and also if you are paying by the session can be quite expensive.

Although your doctor can suggest a dermatologist for you, if you are paying for the treatment you can choose to go to who you want.  There will be plenty to choose from in the cities and as long as they are qualified you should have no concerns that the dermatologist who is involved in your mole removal will not do a good job.

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