Cost of Mole Removal by Plastic Surgeon

It is quite likely that you have gone through all the cheap and easy methods of mole removal and are still left with a mole that you want to get rid of.  If you are determined that the mole has to go the next step will be to speak to a plastic surgeon.  You can be referred to one by your GP or if you know of one with a good reputation who you would be happy dealing with your mole there is no reason why you cannot go to them.

There will be a cost from the minute you walk through the door.  A consultation fee tends to be in the area of £50 although some plastic surgeons will refund the fee at the end, or take it off the cost of the treatment.  For some larger moles the cost can be over £300 while smaller ones will be nearer £200.  A lot of plastic surgeons will arrange a price to remove multiple ones over the course of the treatment.  This can often be set in blocks and a price arranged for 3-5 moles or 3-10 moles.  It is possible they may charge up to £100 per additional mole, so it will not be a cheap process to undertake.

Cost of Cancerous Mole Removal by Plastic Surgeon

There will be a much higher fee charged for removing moles that are cancerous.  If the plastic surgeon is not sure about the status of the mole they can send them away to be checked out.  The cost for a mole that is cancerous to be removed can be between £400 and £600.  There will be a great deal of care taken when removing this type of mole and the surgeon will make sure they cut out the entire mole, root and a large area of flesh around it.  They will then stitch the wound up and you will be able to leave the surgery the same day.  Just because the mole is cancerous it does not mean you need an overnight stay although there will need to be a great deal more aftercare than for a non-cancerous one.

What is Covered in the Cost of Mole Removal by Plastic Surgeon?

As well as the actual treatment on the day there will be additional things in the package.  The cost of mole removal by a plastic surgeon may be higher than you would have imagined but they do provide everything that you need.  There will be painkillers as for the next day or so at least the area will be swollen and painful.  There will also be the follow up visit where the stitches will be taken out and possibly even a further follow up if the mole was causing you concern and led you to believe that it was cancerous.

It may seem expensive to have a mole removed but the procedure its considered as cosmetic surgery and therefore carries the same level of fee as other form of cosmetic surgery.  Most people will still however consider it to be essential surgery and a price worth paying.


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