Cost of Laser Mole Removal

Moles can be the blight of many people lives and they will be prepared to pay anything to get rid of them. Once they have tried a couple of home remedies and then the products that the chemist can provide they will find that they also have the choice of surgery. You may be concerned about being treated by a doctor for this but it will be the last option for you if you really want to have it removed. The process will be very quick and not many people find it painful. There is the problem about being left with a scar but these can be treated during the weeks after the procedure.

Laser Mole Removal Clinics

There are plenty of clinics that carry out this procedure but the cost of laser mole removal can put a number of people off.  The Nottingham Laser Clinic is a popular place to go and they use a procedure that was started in the United States.  There are a couple of downsides to laser removals and it is best you know about them before the treatment starts.  There can be a scar and it can be more prominent than with other procedures.  The most worrying aspect can be that the mole is completely destroyed so it cannot be sent away for analysis so it will be best to have it checked beforehand.

The Cost of Laser Mole Removal

There will be the need to pay for laser mole removal and many different clinics will have different charges for this.  There will normally be the need to pay a consultation fee which can be around £50.  Some doctors will waive this fee if the procedure is carried out in the office on the same day.  It can cost up to £200 to have a single mole removed, but often if you had more done at once the cost will be nearer £100-£150 each for the extra ones.

Unlike other forms of mole removal the laser treatment cannot always be completed on the one day or in the one session.  As there is a lot of heat involved there will be the concerns of burning so you will normally need to make additional appointments.  It will be best to try to get a price for the removal and not agree to a cost per session.  Very often a session can cost £50 so if the mole is quite raised you could have multiple sessions which could come to more than the £200 you were expecting.

The price has been dropping over the years and as the procedure becomes more widely used it is more than likely that it will continue to drop.  There will not be a great deal of difference in the cost from clinic to clinic and it may not be worth spending too much time trying to get the best price.  If you find somewhere near to home and agree a price beforehand you will know what to expect when you are working out the cost of laser mole removal.

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