Cosmetic Surgery Mole Removal

While not everyone will be totally unhappy with their moles if the chance arose to have them gone for good it is more than likely that many people would chose to lose them.  There are a number of home remedies that can be tried which basically means that food such as garlic, onion or potato is placed onto the mole in the hope that it drops off.  If that does not work there are a number of products you can buy that claim that they can also make them fall off often in as short a time as the same day.

Cosmetic Surgery Mole Removal

If you want to have your mole removed in a safe and sensible way knowing that it will not come back soon if ever, the best thing to do will be to look at surgery.  If you decide to have cosmetic surgery mole removal you need to look onto your options.

There are three main types of surgery and not all can be used to remove all types of moles:

  • Laser- This is best on either flat or almost flat moles.  The mole will be slowly burned away and the reason the mole has to be flat is because the beam will not go through a raised mole.  There is the slight possibility that the skin may be burnt as the skin is touched but this will not often happen.  If you do feel that the heat is too much and you feel uncomfortable through the procedure tell the doctor and they will either lower the heat or give you a break to let the area cool down.  A big disadvantage to this method is the fact that by the end of the procedure there will be nothing left to be analysed so if you think this will be your choice have the mole checked for cancer first.
  • Slicing - This is the reverse of lasering in as much as it can only be used on raised moles.  The mole will be sliced away in very small layers.  This will mean that you can have it analysed and there is no chance of you getting burned.  A good surgeon will not cut anything other than the mole but there have been occasions when the skin has been nicked.  It does bleed a lot but it will be cauterised to stop this.  There should not be much of a scar but the downside is that the root will not be removed and will stay inside your body.  If the tests came back as showing you have cancer you may then have to undergo the invasive process.
  • Surgery - The most complete way to have a mole removed is to have it cut out.  This will mean that it has gone from both above the skin and underneath.  There will be the need to stitch up the wound and for a while afterwards you may have a scar.  Again it is possible to have the mole analysed.

Whichever form of cosmetic mole removal surgery you undertake you should be happy with the results.

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