Cheap Mole Removal

It may be easy for some people to just book an appointment with a specialist and go to a clinic to have their moles removed.  If you don’t have the money to do that, and yet really need to get rid of the moles what are the options?  Some people try products that they already have in the house but these are not very likely going to work.  If rubbing a pineapple onto a mole, or making a paste of baking soda and oil really could make moles fall off it is very unlikely that anyone would buy an expensive mole removal paste or liquid, and even less likely that they would pay upwards of £300 to have them removed in a clinic.  In some cases they must have worked or the suggestion would not have been passed down from generation to generation but they did probably start when there was nothing else available.

Household Solutions for Cheap Mole Removal

The potato is good for many things but now there are claims that it a good thing to try when you are looking for cheap mole removal.  The idea is that you remove the juice from a potato and apply it to the mole a couple of times a day.  This should be done for up to two months and then the mole should disappear.  Castor oil is another thing that will be in most houses and can be put on the mole in order to get rid of it.  This, it is claimed will only take three weeks to remove the mole.  To do this cheap mole removal method, a bandage should be soaked in castor oil and then left on the mole.  This should be changed daily and after three weeks the mole should be gone.
A product like Dermatend will be much cheaper than a visit to the doctor.  For less than the cost of a consultation fee you can have a product that contains enough solution to treat five moles.  This works out at about £5 a mole – a massive saving.

Cheap Mole Removal Warnings

If you look for cheap mole removal online you will get some weird and wonderful suggestions ranging from lying to the doctor that the mole has changed and hoping they will remove it for free, to tying a piece of string round it and waiting for it to drop off.  Someone tried cutting one off at home while other suggestion were using dry ice to freeze it off or using a wart remover.  None of these suggestions should be recommended but in fairness to the people who put them forward they are cheap!!

One option is Mole and Wart EZ and although it may not come into some people categories of cheap as it costs about £60, if you compare this to the cost of having moles removed in a clinic you will soon realise that this is quite a cheap mole removal solution.  As it is available in stores and via sites such as Amazon it is sure to be safe to use and it was also well tested before it came onto the market.

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