Bio T Mole Removal

When you are looking for a product to remove you mole it can be hard to decide what to choose.  All will say that they are the best and you will be able to find lots of testimonials from people who say they have used it and it has worked.  Price may be an issue, but even if it is not you don’t want to mess around trying lots of different things that that will take your money yet leave the mole.

We pick up moles all our lives and often our lifestyle does not help.  Hours spent lying in the sun, will have them coming out in their droves, so realistically it cannot be expected that one remedy will completely get rid of them in one go.  Bio T is a paste that can be used to remove moles and if you search online you will be able to find some very complementary testimonials. It works effectively on the mole but does not affect the skin around it.  One reviewer wrote that before they applied the Bio T removal lotion they scratched the mole with a needle.  Before trying this out it may be best to check if that is something that should be done.  It is a brown paste and should be placed over the mole.  It can cause some pain when first applied and it will normally take around a week for there to be any noticeable changes.

Using Bio T Mole Removal

Bio T is a paste that can be placed on the mole and is meant to dry it out.  It is a handmade herbal potion and includes burdock and black walnut.  There are claims that it can tell when cells are unusual and will send the immune systems defences there.  There have been occasions when the mole being treated has become very inflamed and does not look as if it is going to die.  If this happens it may be best to leave the treatment for a while.  If you are working on more than one mole and only one reacts, it may be best to have that mole looked at.

Once the mole has been removed you will be left with the wound where it once was.  Reports say that they can take up to a month to heal and this is when it is likely that there could be an infection.  If there seems to be an infection starting it is important to go to the doctors right away.  Bio T mole removal is not a quick process but it is much cheaper than going to a surgeon and more effective than an onion being rubbed onto the mole.

Bio T Mole Removal Side Effects

Some reports claim that Bio T makes the mole look worse than normal while it is being removed.  It would be worrying to think that the treatment you were using to try to remove your mole would be making things worse.  If you do feel something is wrong stop the treatment and go right to the doctor.  As a warning with Bio T mole removal there may be some scarring but this can be treated in the same way as any other scar.

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