Best Mole Removal

Depending on how high your expectations are you will need to be able to sort through all the different types of mole removal and then choose which ones you want to try.  They will fall into three main categories and the cost may also be an important issue for you.

Cheapest Options of Best Mole Removal

The cheapest methods may not be the best mole removal remedies but if they are all you can afford it will not cost you a great deal to try some of them out.

  • Garlic – if you rub garlic on the mole it should fall off and this will not cost you a great deal.
  • Potato and onion - it is the juice of these two products that will be used.  Again they are just rubbed over the mole every day for a few weeks and the mole should disappear.
  • Castor oil - this can either be rubbed onto the mole on its own or mixed with baking soda and applied as a paste.
  • Cotton – if the mole is raised there might be the chance to fit a piece of cotton around it and tie it into a knot.  For a very thin trunk you may be able to remove the mole right away but if it is thicker the cotton should just be left on until the mole drops off of its own accord.  The problem with this is that you have no say in where or when it falls.
  • Pineapple – this is back to the method of just rubbing the fruit across the mole.  The belief is that there is something in the juice that will dry out the mole.

Middle of the Range Best Mole Removal

This will cover the products you can buy in a chemist and while may seem expensive compared to the home remedies, they are still a lot cheaper than surgery.

  • Dermatend is a substance that will be placed on the mole.  It contains parts of the bloodroot plant so there is the possibility that it will burn if it gets on your skin.  As long as you are careful you can try the treatment a few times but if the mole still has not gone it may be best to try something else.
  • Wart and Mole Vanish also works to remove moles and is a natural type of product.  The claim here is that there only needs to be a single application and the mole will disappear.  After years of annoyance you could have lost your mole in 20 minutes.

More Expensive Best Mole Removal Options

Surgery will obviously cost more than any of the others and there are three main procedures.

  • Laser- flat moles can be lasered away and there should only be minimal scarring.
  • Slicing - bit by bit the mole is cut away and the bleeding controlled.  It will end up close to the skin and much less visible.
  • Surgery- the mole is cut out and then stitched up.  This will be one of the most expensive processes.

There are plenty of choices but only you can decide which is the best mole removal option for you.

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