Alternative Mole Removal

People start looking for means to remove their moles when these start becoming a reason of discomfort or embarrassment to them, yet of all the mole removal methods alternative options seem the optimal methods as far as some people are concerned.  As said, there are various mole removal procedures which require a specialist to perform them.  Whether we’re talking about surgical incisions, laser treatment, shaving or cryosurgery, the truth is that many people are not pleased with the idea of relying on doctors and medical procedures to have their moles removed.  This is why alternative or at home mole removal methods are most appealing in their case.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Alternative Mole Removal

Another reason why some people resort to alternative mole removal is due to the expenses associated with conventional mole removal procedures since the latter can rise up to several hundred GBP, an amount which some people are not willing to pay just for getting rid of uncomfortable moles from their face or body.  One of the disadvantages of alternative mole removal methods consists of the slow rate of mole removal.  However, the people that choose this method believe such a disadvantage fades when compared with the huge amounts of money necessary to pay for the conventional ways of having their moles removed.
Natural mole removal is slow in removing moles; however they are a much better option than spending a huge amount of money buying expensive over the counter mole removal products and undergoing surgery.

Alternative Mole Removal Options

There are numerous natural mole removing methods which use products and substances that are either easy to acquire or already exist in one’s kitchen.  All these methods involve repeated applying of various natural ingredients that turn moles into scabs which eventually fall off.  Such methods do involve some scarring, but with adequate attention and aftercare, side effects should be minimal.  Alternative mole removal options include the application of onion juice, garlic pieces, sour apple juice, lemon or green papaya juice, paste obtained from lemon extract and ground drumstick pods, bloodroot paste, castor oil and baking soda paste, dandelion root pieces, apple cider vinegar, potato slices and the content of vitamin E capsules.

The efficiency of these methods is relative as no option is perceived as perfect for removing moles.  What works for a particular person may not work the same in the case of another, yet if one is displeased by the results noticed whilst trying natural mole removal methods, there is another alternative mole removal option that may prove satisfactory: mole removal creams.  Such products are available at pharmacies and although it may take a while to notice some effects, these are preferred by people who were disappointed by the use of home-made mole removal methods.

It may be difficult for people who haven’t tried mole removal creams before to choose the right product, but given enough time to browse around online and offline retailers, one may get an idea on which cream is the most effective in removing unwanted moles.


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