After Mole Removal

Once you have had your mole removed you will more than likely want to show off your clear and mole free look.  As it is more than likely that the mole will be in a place where everyone can see it, you will need to wait for a little while before you can begin.  If you have paid to have the mole surgically removed, part of the fee may have included after care treatment and so you will be given all the items you need to make sure that the skin heals properly.  If you did not pay it may now be down to you to provide them.

How to Look After the Wound After Mole Removal

  • As the skin is very delicate and will be a little bit swollen, to say nothing of very tender for a week or so, it will be best to make sure that you do use good quality products that the surgeon recommends to you.
  • Keep the area covered as much as possible.  You will need to uncover it to apply ointment but as soon as you have done that make sure that it is covered up again.
  • Clean the wound regularly.  This should be at least twice a day and at the first sign of any infection go straight back to the doctors.  If caught quickly it will just take antibiotics to heal it, but without treatment there could be a much bigger and more unsightly wound.  Antiseptic wipes are easy to come by and make a good choice of cleanser.
  • Change the covering regularly.  There is no point going through all that pain and probably spending a lot of money only to get an infection because you did not keep a clean dressing in place.
  • Be careful not to let anything happen to the stitches.  If you are lucky they may only be in a week but depending on the size and location of the mole and the recommended after mole removal care, the surgeon may decide to leave them in for up to three weeks.
  • If the surgeon gives you particular advice make sure you take notice.  You may have had moles removed in the past and not had to bother with certain things, but each case will be different and you will be given the instructions for a reason.

After the Stitches Come Out

Once the stitches are out you will be able to see a little but more of how you will eventually look.  If the stitches come out early you may still be a little swollen and the scar may look worse than it will in a day or two.  The scar will quite likely begin to fade and before long will just be a small mark that only people who know about it will be able to se.  If you are concerned that this will not happen it is possible to put silicone into the scar to aid recovery.  This can be done during the night when no one else will be able to see the silicone sheet in place.

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