Surgical Mole Removal Scarring

Once you have had your mole surgically removed you may find that you have a scar that you were not expecting.  Most people seem so happy to be getting rid of the mole that they do not think of the consequences or the chance they will end up with surgical mole removal scarring.  If this happens as a result of negligence by the doctor and is worse than most people experience you may be able to ask them to pay for corrective surgery but if it is just a scar where the flesh has been stitched this will not be the case.

Surgical Mole Removal Scarring

When the mole is first removed it may appear to be a bit unsightly but you will have it explained that the area is swollen and it will look much better when the swelling has gone down.  The stitches will still be in and you could easily expect that in two weeks time when the swelling has gone down and the stitches removed that your skin will be perfect.  It is at this time that you will get your first real look at the scar and it may be a bit of a disappointment.  The doctor should prepare you for this as it is not a mistake on their part but just the fact that the skin has to be cut and then stitched and it would be very difficult to do that and not leave any sort of a mark.  Over time the scar will fade on its own but there are things that you can do to give it a helping hand.

Keeping the Scar Clean

Making sure that the wound is kept clean is very important.  Not many people get infections but it can happen.  As you should be changing the dressing regularly you should notice if an infection starts.  Go to the doctors right away and you should be given antibiotics to clear it up.  As long as you deal with it straight away there should be no further damage to the scar.

Surgical Mole Removal Scarring - What Not to Do

You should not try any of your own methods to remove the scar.  There have been some stories where people have used a pumice stone of nail file to try to file away the scar.  This will not help at all and could just make it worse.  If you draw blood there is also the chance that you will get another infection.

Using Silicone

The best way to deal with the scar is to use silicone on it.  It is easy to use and if you don’t want to use it during the day you can just use it at home.  A silicone sheet can be placed over the scar and left on while you sleep.  There are creams that can be used during the day and while it might be noticeable, if you work somewhere where it will not be an issue it is best to use both methods.

You will be best looking at surgical mole removing scarring treatment as a long term project and not something that will happen in a month.

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