Surgical Mole Removal Cost

Once you have decided that you have had enough of your mole you will want to start looking for a way to have it removed.  Home methods will be cheaper and quick but they may not be as effective as having them professionally and surgically removed.  They may not work as well as a visit to the doctors but they are a good first try and if you are not happy with needles or surgery you may want to give them a go.

If you then decide to go ahead with surgery you will have to consider the cost.  If you are having it removed for purely cosmetic reasons you will not be able to have it done on the National Health Service but will have to pay for all your treatment.  Cancerous moles are different and they will be removed at no cost to you.

Surgical Mole Removal Cost

It can cost you somewhere in the region of £100 - £300 just to go for a private consultation to see if you want to go ahead and have the mole removed.  This can vary from region to region and obviously the level of surgeon you visit.  A Harley Street surgeon is bound to cost more than other places but you know they will always be able to do a good job.  Wherever you live there will be plenty of surgeons who are able to carry out the low risk surgical procedure.
When you are given a price it may be more than you had expected but it is worthwhile considering what has to be paid for and the number of people who will be involved.  The cost is not just for one man removing the mole but as he is a private doctor he will have to pay for the use of the hospital facilities.
All in all you will be paying for:-

  • The doctor who will remove the mole.
  • The fee he has to pay to the hospital to be able to use their facilities.
  • Someone to administer the anaesthetic – even if he does this himself he will still charge for the use of it.
  • Any tablets and dressings you are provided with afterwards.
  • A room where the patient can rest afterwards.

It may seem unfair that so many things have to be paid for but as the health service is meant to be for curing ill people it is not going to allow someone who wants what amounts to a beauty treatment to use the facilities free of charge.

Hopefully this will be a one off cost although it cannot be guaranteed that a mole will not grow again in the same place, or a few years later there will not be another one in a place where it can be seen and you will want to go through the process again.  The second time should be easier as you will know what to expect and be prepared for any pain of discomfort you feel.  It may be worth asking if two can be removed at once if you have them as the doctor may agree to do them at a reduced price.

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