Mole Removal in Sheffield

There are several good clinics to visit for people who need mole removal in Sheffield.  Generally speaking, all of the mole removal clinics will offer the same level of service to their patients and the only difference that ought to be mentioned is the price.  Namely, the differences between the prices of mole removal in Sheffield have been known to be significant, much like in any other city.  Owing to the fact that the prices of mole removal in Sheffield can be quite steep, it is easy to see how important it is to compare the prices and to see whether the clinic you have chosen really is the best option regarding the financial aspect.

Mole Removal in Sheffield Clinics

As it has already been mentioned, there are several good mole removal clinics in Sheffield, and all of the clinics will be able to offer you a number of different options when it comes to any mole removal. Here is a list of mole removal clinics situated in Sheffield:

  • Court House Clinics – located in eight different cities across the UK, this clinic provide their patients with an array of surgical and non-surgical treatments including mole removal surgeries.  The clinic pride themselves on providing the highest possible standard of care to their patients and on making every single patient feel special and comfortable in any situation while at the clinic.
  • The Sheffield Clinic – the clinic started out in 2003 by providing their patients with minor surgical treatments, but they have evolved since then and today they offer a wide selection of different surgical treatments and procedures.  The clinic offers an initial consultation in order for their patients to get a clear idea on what to expect from the surgery and how the surgery will go.
  • Skin Clinics – a very successful clinic located in numerous cities and towns all around the country, with a lot of experience in cosmetic surgery and with a team of skilful and experienced surgeons, Skin clinic is the obvious choice for many people.  They are one of the few clinics that offer a free consultation, during which the patients talk to their skin experts and decide on what would be the perfect surgery for them.
  • Medilite Cosmetics Limited – a clinic based in Chesterfield, with easy access from Sheffield.  Apart from many other cosmetic skin treatments and surgeries, they also offer mole removal surgeries to their patients.  When it comes to mole removal surgeries, they provide their patients with a complete service, from the initial consultation, to the surgery and the postoperative treatment.

Mole Removal in Sheffield Prices

Generally speaking, mole removal surgeries are not very cheap.  For instance, the initial consultation at the clinic will cost anywhere from £35 to £60, the surgery itself will probably cost anywhere from £250 to £300 or even more, and the histology will cost about £70.  The main thing to understand is that there are clinics that will offer free consultations, and this is very important for those people who need to save some money.

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