Mole Removal in Newcastle

Mole removal in Newcastle is a procedure that appeals to many residents that are displeased with the aspect of their moles. Moles can exist from birth, but most of them appear over time, and not all of them are considered beauty marks by those who have them. Truth is, many moles do not affect people in any way, being small in size and/or harmless, yet there are also moles which need to be removed either due to aesthetic reasons, or because they are pre-cancerous and can lead to severe health problems.

Mole removal in Newcastle may be sought by people due to various reasons, including those two primary reasons mentioned above.  But before taking into account having a mole or more removed, a person has to have the mole examined by a specialist.  This can be done through a biopsy, a procedure that involves the removal of a piece of tissue that undergoes a detailed microscope analysis.

Mole Removal in Newcastle

Before removing a mole, the specialist cleans the area and applies an anaesthetic to numb it.  The technique used for eliminating moles may differ according to the type of mole being removed, and depending on the method chosen by the specialist the procedure may involve the use of stiches.
In the case of mole excisions performed in Newcastle, the surgeon has to cut out the mole, as well as a portion of normal skin surrounding the mole.  Depending on the depth of the excision, the doctor may place the stitches deep within the skin, or more towards the upper surface.  In the case of mole removal that does not involve stitches, the specialist uses a scalpel to shave the mole, and the area is then cauterised to eliminate the bleeding that may occur during the procedure.  The disadvantage of mole shaving consists of the possibility of the mole growing back because this technique removes only the protruding part of the mole, and thus mole cells remain beneath the skin.

Mole Removal in Newcastle Procedure

Mole removal is usually a short procedure which takes less than an hour to complete.  In the case of larger or numerous moles, the procedure may take longer.  Depending on the mole removal method used, there may be some discomfort which can be relieved with prescribed medication.  Aside from pain, there may be also some redness of the area which disappears within a few weeks.  After the procedure, the patient will notice a scab forming, which then heals within a couple of weeks.  Mole removal may involve scars as well, yet in many cases, these fade over time.

Costs of Mole Removal in Newcastle

The expenses involved in mole removal depend on a variety of factors, including the size and type of the mole, the method used and the clinic specialised in dealing with this kind of procedure.  Whilst some moles can be removed for as little as £37, other procedures can rise up to £250 or even more depending on the circumstances.

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