Mole Removal in Manchester

Not particularly a subject brought up in a day-to-day conversation, mole removal is however something that is occasionally a necessity.  Whether we simply want to do it for aesthetic reasons or would like to prevent uncomfortable health issues, it is a problem many of us bump into and before we make up our mind, we may need to make a decision.

The main choice we may have to make is between paying for our own treatment or using the NHS.  The advantage of NHS will be the possibility of a reduced cost or even - in certain situations - no cost at all.  Another choice you may have to make is between specialised clinics and general clinics, whether we talk general plastic surgery or simple surgery.  Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, although generally, if mole removal is the only medical procedure you are looking for, it may be recommended to proceed with a specialised clinic - a doctor who does this every day may be better at it.

Mole Removal Clinics in Manchester

 Manchester, as a large city offers a lot of options in the medical field, which means that the chances of you needing to go somewhere else for your procedure are slim.  Here are a few options:

  • The Roberts Skin Clinic - A clinic specialised in skin issues and cosmetic procedures, the Roberts skin clinic is run by Dr. Stephen Roberts, a specialist in dermatology and cosmetic surgery.
  • St Mellion Manchester Cosmetic - A specialised cosmetic clinic.  Its doctors perform general cosmetic surgeries but there is a special department for mole removal.
  • Castlefield Clinic - Specialised in cosmetic surgery, the Castlefield clinic is another option for mole removal treatments - whether surgical or non-surgical.
  • Spire Manchester Hospital - Part of the Spire Healthcare chain, the hospital employs four cosmetic surgeons, each fully prepared to carry out a procedure as simple as mole removal.  The hospital’s website has an enquiry form that can be used for more information on the price and other details of the procedure.
  • Bridgewater Hospital - Has specialists that can use various methods to remove the moles, like liquid nitrogen freeze, surgical removal, chemical burn, punch biopsy, cauterisation or, the most common, laser surgery.

If you would like a more general website, with compiled information on more than one clinic performing the procedure, you can try, where 18 clinics that offer mole removal treatments are presented, with the possibility of price comparison and general information (including contact information) for you to make up your mind a little easier.

Whether you prefer to remove your mole or moles through surgery or through other options, consulting a specialist is recommended.  It may occasionally seem like an expensive option (in which case you may want to study the NHS possibilities), but it will guarantee you the best possible treatment and a smaller chance of side effects and scarring.

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