Mole Removal in London

Depending on who you ask, moles can be charming or un-aesthetic, harmless or unhealthy.  In regards to the actual aesthetic pluses or minuses of having a mole, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  But it is true that some moles present skin cancer danger and it is recommended to at least go to one doctor in regards to any new moles that may appear or any old moles that are changing their size or have an irregular shape.

Available Clinics for Mole Removal in London

One of the main advantages of living in London, other than the constant flow of tourists and large availability of entertainment options, is the fact that one has access to just about any service mankind has thought of.  Any health chain based in the UK is bound to have at least one clinic open in London so, once you have made up your mind and decided to remove one or more moles, options in regards to where to perform that procedure are available in large numbers.

Here are a few options:

  • The London Mole Clinic - As its name suggests, the clinic is specialised in mole removal which may be its advantage if this is the only service that you seek.  People who perform mole check-ups and mole removals every day are bound to have trained hands and will more than likely do a good job.  In London, you can find the Mole Clinic in three locations: Putney, Harley Street and the city centre.
  • The Mole Clinic - With a clinic located just next to Oxford Circus, this facility provides both private and NHS services.  They specialise 100% in mole checks and removals.
  • The Knightsbridge Laser Clinic - Offers all types of cosmetic and dental services including mole check-up and removal.  As the name suggests, the clinic is located in Knightsbridge and employs some of UK’s most reputable cosmetic specialists.
  • Court House Clinics - With clinics open all over Southern and Eastern England, the Court House Clinics also have one clinic in London, located in the New Cavendish area.  The clinics offer all sorts of cosmetic treatment options and have the advantage of offering flexible arrangements, in case paying for the entire procedure at once seems difficult.

Mole Removal in London Costs

Prices usually vary from around £150 for full body checks while the mole removal procedure costs start at £250 depending on the location and size of the moles that need to be removed.  Some of the clinics offer the initial consultation for free, as long as the mole removal procedure is scheduled in the same clinic.  You may also want to check your options with NHS - who in certain cases can spare you the mole removal costs completely.  In case it is a complicated procedure (large mole, difficult location), you may have to pay as much £500 if no discount options are available.

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