Mole Removal in Leeds

If you live in Leeds or the Leeds area there are plenty of places for you to go if you need to have moles removed.  There are a number of clinics that you can choose from and all will be pleased to give you a quote if you call them.  Without them seeing the mole or moles to be removed it is more than likely that it will be an estimated price but should be fairly accurate.  There are a number of remedies you can try yourself but if they fail or you just feel that you would want a professional to carry out the work you can chose one of many clinics.  It will always be best to have the mole checked out first and make sure that there are no signs of cancer.

Mole Removal in Leeds Clinics

  • Spire Leeds Hospital - Here you can have moles removed in one of two ways.  For smaller moles they will be taken away in the office but if it is going to be a more detailed procedure there is also an operating theatre and they can be removed there.  There will not be the need to stay overnight as the procedure takes about 20 minutes for small removals and could be an hour or so for more complicated ones.  It is not very likely that you will be sedated but this is an option if you feel you will not cope with the procedure and being aware of what is happening or if it is likely to be best for you to be still while the mole is removed.  There will be a charge for mole removals here as non-cancerous moles are considered cosmetic surgery.
  • Surgicare Leeds - Again this clinic is able to remove moles and treat the patient on the basis of a day patient.  All staff are fully qualified in the field in which they practice.  As the treatment needs to be paid for it can be quite expensive but it is possible to set up a payments system and it is possible that the entire cost of the treatment be financed.
  • Sk:n Clinic Leeds - The Sk:n Clinic in Leeds is another option when you are looking for someone to remove your mole.  They carry out a variety of treatments and deal with private patients so they will be able to help you with the removal of your mole if you only wanted it to be removed because of cosmetic reasons.  They are accredited by both the HAS Register of Injectable Cosmetic Providers (UK) and the CQC - Care Quality Commission (UK). 
  • The Hospital Group Leeds - The Hospital Group do not just carry out mole removal but have a wide range of other services available.  It may concern you a little that they do not specialise but if that is of no concern they have now opened a nail bar, so you can have your mole removed and brighten yourself up at the same time.  They are also open into the evening so there is no need to take time away from work.

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